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    Coffee Flavour Pairings

    Upgrade your coffee mornings as AO provide you with delicious treats to accompany your brew.

    "If you’re already a coffee drinker, then you’ll most probably be familiar with the different roasts and have found your preferred one. However, what you might not be familiar with is that you can pair your cup of coffee with different flavours that will turn it into something a little special. Check out the flavour profile and origin of the coffee you’re buying as a guide and a starting point. As a general guide, coffees from different countries will have a variety of flavours which is down to the roasting process. For example, Ethiopian coffee will have floral notes, coffee from Columbia and Brazil tends to have notes of nuts and chocolate, and coffee from Kenya is more crisp and fruity."

    With the origin as your starting point, you can then go about adding flavours. Whilst the flavours are illustrated here as, for example, a heap of hazelnuts, I would advise to seek out a good hazelnut syrup or extract. Cardamom and chocolate, on the other hand, are flavours that can be added as they are. Add a little good quality dark chocolate to your coffee to make a mocha or some crushed cardamom for a very intense, Turkish style cup of coffee. If you fancy something very special (and one that is definitely not for your breakfast), why not add a dash of orange liqueur and top it with some whipped cream?

    Adding different flavours to your coffee is of course not the only way to enjoy it, you can pair your coffee with the right food too. Again, look at the origin and roast and decide which one to choose according to the food you’re looking to serve with it. For example, if you’re looking to serve an Orange & Cinnamon Baked Custard for dessert, choose a fruity Kenyan coffee to complement it. A breakfast that involves Pain au Chocolate on the other hand will work well with a Brazilian roast with notes of chocolate.

    Coffee flavour pairings don’t need to be overly complicated or confusing, a little research into the coffee you’re buying will go a long way and turn the experience into something just a little more special. Accompany your coffee with one of our delicious recipes.



    Cardamom makes a great addition to your morning coffee. The ancient spice is often compared to mint due to its unique flavour. Can’t get enough? Why not add cardamom into your granola for an exotic twist.



    Maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes (although there’s nothing wrong with pairing your coffee with an American favourite!) Add a dash of (pure) maple syrup to your coffee as a sugar alternative – it has been said to contain many antioxidant benefits!



    Honey not only works wonders as a remedy in tea, but it also acts as natural flavouring to your coffee. Spruce up your coffee meetings by making these Quick and Easy Mug Cakes for your guests.



    From baking to fragrance, vanilla is one of the most versatile extracts around. Adding vanilla syrup to your iced coffee will enhance the taste and provide a delicious refreshing beverage.



    If you’re missing the Autumnal ambiance, why not reminisce by adding some seasonal cloves to your favourite coffee. Take it a step further by cooking up The Most Delicious Pumpkin Pie for your family.



    Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos – almonds work well with an array of coffee. Our Almond and Pistachio Brownies work as a perfect companion too and go down a treat!



    Spice up your breakfast coffee with a pinch of cinnamon. This simple addition makes a significant difference in taste. It tastes even better paired with these Easy Cinnamon & Pecan Danish Pastries.

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