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    Love Food Hate Waste with Emma Marsh

    Love Food Hate Waste's Emma Marsh gives us her top tips on saving money and making food last longer.

    "The level of food wasted every year in the UK is colossal, and yet it probably comes as no surprise. We’re often given the shocking statistics and scary facts of food waste, and yet believe ourselves to be quite savvy when it comes to our unused or unwanted products.  Well at least I can say that’s true for me and my family."

    Up until a few days ago, I honestly believed that I was doing enough to limit the amount of food waste which came out of my home.  I only ever threw food out when it was past its best buy date, kept my fruit and veg in the fridge and froze any leftovers to use for future meals.

    But is, and was this enough? The simple answer, I’m ashamed to say is no.  I could be doing so much more to save not only my own money, but also the environment.

    This February, ao.com has teamed up with the lovely folks at Love Food Hate Waste to help raise awareness of the issue of food waste in the home and not only that, but offer solutions on how you personally can change your behaviour and waste less food.

    I sat down to catch up with Emma Marsh, head of Love Food Hate Waste, on the difference between best before dates, fridge temperatures and the need to be brave with our leftovers. Here’s what she had to say in our exclusive interview and how she’s changed my mind-set, for the better!

    How much food, which could be eaten, is thrown away by households in the UK every year?
    In £s, how much food does the average family waste/throw away each year?
    What food, which could be eaten, is thrown away most often?
    What are the best ways to store your food to stop it decomposing?
    What common leftovers can I repurpose easily in new recipes/meals?
    What is the most effective temperature to have my fridge and freezer set to?
    How can I better understand expiration dates? Is there a difference between ‘best before’ and ‘use by’?

    So that’s it – these little tips could help me save £700 a year!

    I’d like to personally say a huge thanks to Emma for her time and for all her useful advice, which I’ll now be putting into practice at home.

    If you’d like to understand more of the work Love Food Hate Waste does, check out their website www.lovefoodhatewaste.com.

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