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    Tried and Tested: Can you really split one oven into two?

    Whether you’ve got a fussy family member, or you just like to put on a spread, cooking multiple dishes in a single oven can be a real head scratcher…

    So we challenged @OneHungryAsian to find out if a Samsung Dual Cook Flex oven can actually cook two different meals at the same time without a mix of flavours.

    It's a problem most of us will have experienced, especially during lockdown while we've been cooking more and more at home - the age-old task of trying to cook two different courses at once in a single oven. You either bake something earlier, use the microwave to heat it up, or just go for it and then end up with a cake tasting like a roast dinner.

    Enter the new Samsung Dual Cook Flex oven, with a special divider and flexible door that truly splits your oven in two, with completely different temperatures! If I’m honest, I thought it might be less useful at first, but within just a few days of owning it, it's already come in handy dozens of times!

    What were your first impressions of the Samsung Prezio Dual Cook Flex oven?

    First of all, I’ve got to say it looks great in the kitchen. The control system is very easy to use and understand after a quick read of the manual. It’s got a whole load of extra settings too for home chefs looking to level-up their recipes. Thankfully it’s also bigger than my previous oven which means I can cook even more at the same time.

    How well does the oven cook two dishes at the same time?

    To put the oven through its paces I decided to cook a beef wellington and a baked cheesecake at the same time, and both dishes came out fantastic. In fact, the oven heated up so quickly that it threw off my timings for lunch. Better yet, there was absolutely no mixing of flavours between the two dishes, and they both cooked brilliantly well, especially as I was able to cook them at different temperatures.

    What did you think of the other features?

    I can already tell that it’s going to be a great oven for things like Sunday roasts and Christmas dinner, with multiple sections and a larger main cavity to fit a big juicy turkey in. And being able to divide the oven into two sections is ideal for so many different cooking combinations or even if you just want to warm up your plates on a gentle heat.

    How easy was it to clean afterwards?

    It was a breeze to clean. I just gave everything a wipe down and it was super easy. The trays that came with it are heavy duty and retain heat well too.

    Would you recommend this oven?

    100%. At the moment, most people are used to cooking at just one temperature in the oven for all their food. This new oven is not only quicker and more efficient than my old oven but being able to cook two different dishes at once will just save loads of time and give me more flexibility in the kitchen.

    @OneHungryAsian used the Samsung Prezio Dual Cook Flex Built-in Electric Single Oven. Shop now.

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @OneHungryAsian which has been written up by our copywriter.