January is often such an inspiring month with lots of excitement for the new year, thinking about what’s to come and what you want to achieve…I don’t know about you but come the end of December I went straight into ‘de-clutter’ mode and got rid of bin bags full of clothes and stuff I just hadn’t used that year. It felt SO good and looking around my now, much cleaner home it was time to turn my attention to ways I could brighten up the place. If you’ve been feeling the winter blues lately then fret not because I’m here to show you 5 ways you can brighten up your home and your mood in these super simple steps…



Display Fresh Flowers

Ways to brighten up your home and beat the winter blues!-2

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to breathe some life into your space, it’s not only been proven that having fresh flowers and plants inside is great for our mental health but they instantly perk up the place with their naturally beautiful colours! Flower power is indeed, a real thing it seems!


Hang Up A Colourful Print

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A quick search on Pinterest for ‘free printable art’ returns a whole host of beautiful artwork that you print onto card right from your own home and pop in a frame. It’s a quick and easy way to update a wall and bonus points if you pick a colourful print! I love this ‘Shine Bright’ print that I got in A Beautiful Mess’s Happy Mail. Make sure you pick something that speaks to you or that you absolutely adore so that every time you look at it you’ll feel a little more uplifted.


Paint A Feature Piece

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When I moved into my new place I instantly knew that I wanted a feature piece, either a bright and bold wall or a colourful fireplace. I went with the latter and changed the ugly brown fireplace to a bright yellow one! It completely changed the feel of the room and painting it such a ‘happy colour’ really added a certain warmth and brightness to the lounge.


Start A Colourful Collection

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I know, this is a bit of a random one but stay with me here… I’ve been collecting colourful glassware whenever I’ve seen something that has caught my eye in home stores or charity shops. So far I’ve got a mix of blues, pinks and yellows and I’d like to eventually display them creatively in the kitchen! You don’t necessarily have to collect glasses though, you could have a mix of bright candles or vases or even books! They always look so effective when displayed together.


Add A Mirror to Small Spaces

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When working with small spaces it’s always helpful to add a mirror that can bounce the light and immediately brighten things up. It’s even better if there’s a splash of colour on the mirror too!


So there you have it, 5 simple ways to brighten up your home and breathe a little life into it for the new year! Will you be trying out any of these ideas?


By Bespoke Bride on 16.01.17

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