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    DIY: Floral Copper Napkin Rings

    Add elegance and femininity to your table setting with this pretty copper craft!

    "There are some things you can never have too many of. Napkin rings are one of those things. When I lay the table for an event, the decor depends on the time of the year, the event, whether it's casual or formal. It also depends on which napkins I'm using. Something fun and colourful, elegant and dark, or maybe rustic. I use different napkin rings at Christmas and Easter, for a winter birthday or a summer party. With all that in mind, I like to occasionally create my own to fit a scheme. As winter seems to stretch for way too long, I'm already thinking about Spring and a Spring table. I also wanted to incorporate a couple of trends: copper and pink. Something with a little 'industrial' touch, but feminine at the same time. That's how I came up with these. I hope you like them."

    Here's what you'll need...

    • Copper wire (0.8mm), available from hardware stores
    • Silk flowers, the cherry blossom ones I have used are from Sia.
    • A rolling pin (about 4cm diameter)
    • A pair of jewellery pliers

    Here's how it's done... Step 1

    Using the pliers (as the branches have a wire centre), cut some small branches with a blossom off the large branch.


    Step 2

    Take your rolling pin and wrap some of the copper wire tightly around it with the ends overlapping by about 1.5cm. I would suggest wrapping the wire at least 5 times so that the ring isn't too delicate.


    Step 3

    Cut the ends off and wrap them around each other while the wire is still on the rolling pin.


    Step 4

    Now slide the wire off, and wrap the ends around the ring to secure it.


    Step 5

    Take one of the cut off flowers and secure with the remaining wire ends. Make sure the ends are facing upwards into the flower as you don't want your napkins to be scratched.



    If needed, give the ends a quick squeeze with the pliers to tighten the flowers to the ring.



    That's it. I hope you like this idea and that Spring will soon be on its way.

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