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    DIY: Bamboo Screen

    Add a bit of greenery to your outdoor space this summer with this simple DIY!

    As the summer is finally in full swing, we all like to add a bit of greenery to our outdoor spaces. If your particular space is tight and you don’t have a lot of room for potted plants on your patio or balcony, then the best way to go is always up! Bamboo screening is wonderful for creating privacy and bringing some natural materials to any space but it can look a little plain. Using some simple tin planters, you can dress up the screening and add colour or greenery to your space.

    I happened to have some really inexpensive tin pots that had seen better days so that’s what I’ve used here to create a little vertical garden above my bench. You’ll want to use a pot that’s light weight like plastic or tin as they’ll be held by wire – so no terracotta or ceramic pots here. And you’ll want something that has a lip on the edge as well.

    Follow my simple DIY to simply and inexpensively add planters to your bamboo screening.

    Here's what you'll need...

    • A selection of light weight tin or plastic plant pots
    • Spray paint in your chosen colours
    • A few metres of gold picture wire
    • Some small plants or flowers
    • Potting soil
    • A wire cutter (not shown) or heavy duty scissors
    • A drill to create drainage holes

    Step 1

    Drill some small holes in the bottom of your planters for drainage.

    Step 2

    Clean if required and ensure there’s no flaking paint. Spray the tins with two to three light coats of spray paint (outdoors if possible or in an area with plenty of ventilation), allowing each coat to dry. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how long to wait before applying each coat and be sure to protect your working area with old newspaper or cardboard.

    Step 3

    Repeat spray painting each of your tins in different colours. I went with 2 black, 2 white and 2 gold. Leave to dry completely.

    Step 4

    Once the tins are thoroughly dry, you can go ahead and pot your plants or flowers.

    Step 5

    Wrap your wire around your planter, leaving a few extra inches at each end and cut with wire cutters.

    Step 6

    Wrapping the wire firmly around the top of the planter, crimp the wire right at the point where they overlap. This is so that you know how large the diameter of the circle you’ll create has to be.

    Step 7

    Remove the wire from around the pot and carefully feed the wire through the bamboo screen. Where the crimp marks are, crisscross and wrap the wire firmly around itself, creating a circle. It’s best to set the wire just above the metal fixings in the bamboo screen so that the wire doesn’t move vertically once it’s inserted.

    Step 8

    Move the wrapped wire around to the back (against the screen) so that it will not be seen when the planter is inserted.

    Step 9

    Pop in your planter and repeat until your little vertical garden is complete!