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    How Do I Know It's Time To Upgrade My Appliance?

    We get it. It’s hard to accept defeat when ol’ faithful is on its last legs. But if you’re looking for a sign that your electricals need a bit of a shake-up, this is it. Luckily, we’ve thrown in loads of great tips and suggestions to help you take your kitchen from dull to dreamy, whatever your budget. So, how will you know when it’s time to upgrade your old appliance?

    It's conked out...

    This one speaks for itself. Whether your oven’s roasted its last Sunday lunch or your freezer’s not so cool, sometimes, there’s just no going back. You have two options: opt for a like-for-like replacement or treat yourself to a newer, more future-proof model.

    It still works! Mostly...

    Hob missing a burner, dodgy washing machine door, fridge smelling a bit funky… Sound familiar? Milking your old appliances for all they’re worth may seem like the sensible choice, but can end up costing you more time, money and effort in the long run. Take your fridge, for instance. It probably isn’t keeping your food fresh for as long as it used to – meaning you’re chucking more of it out. Or with a burner down, it’s taking you twice as long to prepare a family meal – not ideal! Take the plunge and swap your worn-out appliance for something new. Think energy-efficient, built-to-last and bursting with the latest tech to make your everyday that much simpler.

    It's an eyesore

    We spend the majority of time in our kitchens – cooking, washing up, having a chinwag over a cuppa – so it’s important for it to be a space that’s inviting as well as functional. It’s not easy to disguise a worn-out oven or rickety washing machine. If you love hosting, why not consider opting for integrated appliances that can be tucked neatly away behind your cupboard doors? Or switch out your small electricals for eye-catching alternatives to add a little something extra to your countertops.

    It's not up to task

    Whether your family tree is growing or you’re hosting this year’s Christmas dinner, you need your appliances to be fit for the job. Range cookers are a fantastic choice for entertaining thanks to their multiple cavities and roomy hobs – but they can be a little on the pricier side. For busy households with limited space, a washer dryer could be your saving grace. Speaking of space, did you know that fridge freezers can be split 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30? Something to bear in mind when it comes to housing the turkey crown.

    It's a bit behind the times

    We upgrade our phones to get the latest tech, so why do we not show our appliances the same dedication? A lot of newer models are chock-full of innovative features designed to give you a helping hand at home. Fridges can keep your food fresher for longer using special drawers, induction hob zones can be merged to create bigger cooking areas, ovens can use steam to make cleaning the inside a breeze. Not to mention, a lot of them are also much more efficient to run, saving you a few pennies off your bills too.

    You're selling

    So, you’re selling your home, but your appliances are more of a setback than a redeeming quality. You’ll need a speedy replacement that isn’t going to leave you out of pocket. A lot of budget-friendly appliances will do exactly what you need them to do and we have a fantastic range of affordable, built-in electricals that can take your kitchen from shoddy to showroom in no time. One tip is try sorting the page from lowest to highest price point and see what you can find. We also offer fast, free delivery options and can install your new product for you as soon as we’ve dropped it off. We’ll even take your old stuff to be recycled, if you want.

    You're renovating

    If you’re planning a kitchen refresh, appliances should be the first thing on your mind. Do you want to go for built-in or freestanding? Stainless steel or glossy black? And it’s not just the design you should consider, but the tech too. A renovation is the perfect time to invest a little more in your kitchen essentials, depending on budget and what you’ll get the most use out of. If you’re a big family, it might be worth splurging on an American Fridge Freezer, for example.

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