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    Tried and Tested: Is Samsung’s Bespoke range the coolest of them all?

    When you think of a fridge freezer, you don’t necessarily marvel over how good it looks, right? That’s where Samsung’s Bespoke range comes in. Not only can you mix and match products, but they look great and are totally customisable. So, whether you’re wanting a quirky set-up, extra storage space or a bit more flexibility, this is it. We asked @frenchforpineapple to try out a couple of their products, and to let us know what she thought.

    Hey! I’m Bianca Hall, aka @frenchforpineapple. I write, blog, style, photograph and generally obsess about interiors…24/7. The kitchen is just as important, if not more so than any other room in the house, and ours is relatively narrow and long. I loved the idea of Samsung’s Bespoke range from a design perspective, as everything looks great – the satin beige works so nicely with my neutral kitchen and brings a bit of warmth in. And from a practical point of view, they’re roomy, efficient and flexible. On the whole, I was super-excited to give them a test run.

    Great! So we sent you a fridge freezer, plus an upright freezer from Samsung’s Bespoke range to test out. What were your first impressions of them?

    I instantly loved them. As someone who cares a lot about how everything looks in my home (from the big things, right down to the tiny details and everything in between), the Samsung Bespoke range caught my eye straight away. It’s such a great example of design and function coming together beautifully. I love the fact that you can mix and match colours, and I especially like the beige and sky blue. They’re also just super-sleek, and the matte fronts are fab – they’re like nice cabinets rather than ugly fridges.

    We’re so glad you liked them! Had you heard of Samsung’s Bespoke range before? What do you think about their customisable, mix and match system?

    No I hadn’t, but it piqued my interest as soon as I did. It’s such a cool concept to be able to add products on to your set up whenever you want to, especially as your needs (or your home) change. And, you can choose exactly what works for you rather than having to have the classic fridge freezer combination.

    Definitely. How well did the fridge freezer do at keeping your food fresh?

    I filled the fridge freezer right up after we got back from holiday, and it’s been great. The kids are still on their summer break from school, so they’re constantly on the hunt for snacks. Everything is always perfectly cold and fresh, and the slim walls are great too – they give you more space inside (where you actually need it), than a traditional model does.

    And, what did you think about the freezer’s smart converter feature? Can you see it being a benefit?

    Absolutely! It’s so handy to be able to convert a freezer to a fridge, if and when you need it. Christmas for us is typically a time when we need loads of extra fridge space, especially for all the drinks, food prep and of course, the leftovers. So, being able to temporarily have all that extra fridge space is a huge bonus.

    To round up, what are your overall thoughts about Samsung’s Bespoke range? Who do you think would love these products?

    I actually think this range suits everyone. We’re talking about a cool, design-led fridge freezer for a young person, or a couple in a smaller home. Or, if you’re a larger family in a big house – a bank of fridges, plus a big freezer. Being able to add another unit at a later date is pretty ground-breaking, and it totally changes the way you look at buying these essentials.

    @frenchforpineapple is using the Samsung Bespoke fridge freezer, and the Samsung Bespoke upright freezer.

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @frenchforpineapple, and has been written up by our copywriter.