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    Spring Cleaning – 10 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

    Is doing the laundry your idea of hell? Gem is here to make your life easier!

    The laundry … love it or loathe it, it will always be there.

    With this in mind, it makes sense to have some sneaky strategies up our sleeve to make it easier. I know some people find the whole process of laundry therapeutic, finding themselves able to switch off as they fold t-shirts and pair socks. But if (like me) you do not enjoy the process then here are some handy hints to help you conquer your laundry mountain as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

    1 - The most effective way to keep your washing under control is to make sure you do a load every day (where possible). This will mean that you are not faced with an overflowing washing basket on a Friday evening and a whole weekend of washing, drying, folding and putting away to endure. Much better to do a little bit every day and keep the wolf from the door.

    2 - Keeping on top of everything will also mean that you are not tempted to overload your machine. Overloading your machine can be bad for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you have stuffed as many clothes in as possible, they won’t be able to move around as freely in the drum and therefore won’t clean as well. Secondly, your washing machine drum will have a weight limit, be sure to stick within this limit so you do not damage your machine.

    3 - If pairing socks is not your idea of a good time, then you need to invest in some laundry nets. These are a gamechanger, especially when you have to pair socks for different family members. If you find that no matter how hard you try there is always one sock that goes missing, laundry nets will put a stop to this. Give each member of the family their own laundry net and ask them to put their dirty socks inside. After a few pairs have been put into the net (taking care not to overload it as they won’t clean properly) you can then put the laundry bag into your washing machine. Once washed, transfer the bag to the tumble dryer and when dry hand the bag (with the clean and dry socks inside) back to the owner. Everyone pairs their own socks. Job done!

    4 - One of the things that I hear people lament about often is a mouldy washing machine seal or a washing machine that smells. If you want to keep your machine fresh and mould free, then whilst it isn’t in use keep the door open, ever so slightly, to let the air circulate.

    5 - Another vital bit of maintenance that you must do is empty your tumble dryer lint filter after every use. Not doing so will mean that the lint will build up and this can become a fire hazard. Stay safe and clean the filter regularly!

    6 - If you are battling to get your whites gleaming again then one of the most effective ways that you can do this is to hang them outside on the washing line. Sunshine helps to restore your white clothes back to their former glory. And best bit? Sunshine is free!

    7 - If you have left your clothes in the tumble dryer to languish, rather than taking them out to fold straight away, then you might find they are badly creased. Rather than battling the creases with an iron, a good way to get them crease free again is to put a damp towel or flannel into the tumble dryer. The steam will help the creases to drop out.

    8 - If you are faced with the opposite problem and you have clothes that are not drying fast enough (Maybe you are late for work and your favourite top isn’t going to be dry in time) then place a dry towel in with the item to speed up the drying process.

    9 - If you are don’t have a tumble dryer (or if you are trying to cut down on your energy usage), then put your washing on an extra spin after it has finished its wash cycle. This will mean that you get as much of the water out of your clothes as possible, helping them to dry much faster.

    10 - And finally, in order to make sure that your washing machine runs efficiently and stays limescale free, run it on empty on its hottest wash once a month. This will help to keep it in tip top condition for longer.

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