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    Tried and Tested: How long does it take to clean your house with the Bosch Serie 4 Athlet ProClean?

    We challenged Claire from @ck_homestyle to see if she could clean her entire house in the time it takes for her little one to nap.

    Hi, I’m Claire from @ck_homestyle and I’m testing out the Bosch Serie 4 Athlet ProClean cordless vacuum cleaner hoping I can get the whole house vacuumed in around 45 minutes – perfect to get done during nap times!

    What were your first impressions of the product? Did you have any reservations?

    The first thing I noticed about the vacuum was just how tiny it was. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t another part to it that I needed to attach. It’s ultra slim and incredibly lightweight. With it being so dinky, I did have some reservations about whether it’d be powerful, but as soon as I switched it on, I could tell that wasn’t going to be an issue.

    We challenged you to see how long it would take you to clean your home. How did it go?

    Another perk of just how lightweight it is, was being able to easily vacuum the whole house one-handed. I could manoeuvre around really awkward spaces, and under our low sofas no problem. The suction was really impressive too. And the best bit… I managed to tackle the whole house - which includes wood floors, tiles, and carpet - in just 43 minutes.

    Did any of its other features come in handy?

    Although I didn’t make the most of this feature on its first use, it’s great that it comes with a smart sensor, which is a little red light that switches on to tell you exactly when to change the filter. It’s so hard to know when that needs doing, so it’s a really handy way to keep it performing at its best. Despite it not needing it, I did test how easy it’d be to change too - and it’s really simple.

    In terms of ease and performance, how did it compare to models you’ve used in the past?

    Comparing it to other models, I love how it easily navigates around tables, chairs, and awkward corners. There was no heavy feeling, and it didn’t even need much effort. The vacuum really did glide around corners, which was the standout feature for me because my past vacuums just haven’t been good at that.

    Finally, would you recommend this product? If so, who do you think it would suit?

    Overall, I’d totally recommend the Bosch Serie 4 Athlet ProClean for its super sleek design that makes it light to use and easy to store away – even in the smallest of spaces! If you have a variety of floor types in your home, awkward little areas, tight corners, or low sofas, I think you’ll love this vacuum.

    @ck_homestyle is using the Bosch Serie 4 Athlet ProClean cordless vacuum cleaner

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @ck_homestyle, and has been written up by our copywriter.