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    Tried and Tested: Is a steam technology washing machine the answer to all our laundry woes?

    Laundry days can be a slog, but with steam technology they don’t have to be. LG claims that washing with steam gives your clothes a deeper clean and smooths out creases. No more ironing? What a dream.

    To put this to the test, we’ve given @feather_and_faff_interiors an LG V7 steam washing machine and set her a few challenges. Take it away Anna…

    As an outdoorsy household of four adults and two dogs, the piles of washing are never ending. This ranges from work shirts that need a lot of ironing to sportswear that’s covered in mud from football and hockey matches.

    The renovation of our utility room spurred us on to update our washing machine that, at over a decade old, was no longer up to the thorough cleaning we now require in a machine.

    Any first impressions?

    I was immediately drawn to this energy-efficient model. Its 10.5kg drum capacity is a huge difference in size from our previous 7kg machine. This means I can cut down on the number of washes, which helps save energy and my time.

    I love the 14 minute quick cycle setting for clothes that just need a refresh, as well as the fact that I can control the wash remotely using my phone. I’m also so impressed by how quiet this machine is – it doesn’t sound like a jumbo jet is taking off from my house anymore! I would say though, it’s important to make sure the machine is level, as it did vibrate for us until we adjusted its position.

    Steam is a relatively new concept in washing machines. Had you heard of this tech before, and did you have any expectations?

    Having never washed garments using steam before, I was really keen to try the challenges set. I wanted to see if I could cut down the ironing time on my husband’s work shirts, as it’s officially my number one worst job!

    Also, walking two dogs twice a day gives me a lot of muddy clothes to contend with. My own coat is always mucky from the dogs either shaking or jumping up, and they both have a winter jacket that they’re always rolling around in.

    We challenged you to test out the steam function to see if it could remove bacteria and allergens for a deeper clean. How did you get on?

    I completed this task with one of the dogs’ jackets and my own coat, both of which had a good amount of mud ingrained. I used the allergy setting with the steam technology and was so impressed by how clean both came out - they smelled really fresh too.

    What a win!

    Challenge two! Time to see if steam really helps keep clothes wrinkle free. What did you wash, and did you see results?

    For this challenge, I thought I would use one of my husband’s 100% cotton work shirts, which are beautiful quality, but always a job to iron.

    I used the allergy setting once again. I removed the shirt immediately after the cycle had finished and let it dry on a hanger. It looked as good as new!

    Knowing it has been gently steamed definitely gives me confidence that our clothing will last a lot longer.

    In comparison to my old machine, I couldn’t believe just how smooth the shirt came out. It still had a few wrinkles, so I had to give it a quick press, but my time spent ironing was dramatically reduced.

    For now, I will be keeping my iron, but I believe this challenge was a success.

    @feather_and_faff_interiors used the LG V7 washing machine. Shop here.

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @feather_and_faff_interiors, and has been written up by our copywriter.