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    Tried and Tested: Can a washing machine protect your favourite clothes?

    We challenge Liv of @iamlivrose to explore the Bosch Serie 6 Autodosing Washing Machine.

    As a nation, we unknowingly use too much detergent. This can lead to skin irritations, machine blockages and most importantly, fading and small holes in your favourite jumper!

    We challenge Liv of @iamlivrose to see if the Bosch Serie 6 can help protect your most-loved garments.

    As someone who is a self-proclaimed style-addict, there was a time where my new purchases were drastically fading after a couple of washes. Could it be the material? Maybe the shop had a bad batch? As the garment disintegration saga continued, I knew there had to be more to the story.

    After scouring the web for answers, I eventually came across a thread (no pun intended) on caring for your clothes. I started aligning the garment symptoms with my mental checklist; do you find your clothes are fading at an unusually fast rate? Yep. Have you come across any tiny holes in your jumpers? Also, yes – although I must admit, I was wrongly accusing my cat of this.

    As the list rolled out, it turns out it wasn’t the clothing manufacturer, nor was it my cat for that matter. It was me. I was using far too much detergent in my washing machine.

    Signs you are using too much detergent:

    There are suds leftover in the washing machine after the washing is done

    Your clothes feel sticky when wet/damp

    Clothes look less vibrant and, in some cases, there are unexpected small holes

    Your washing machine has a strong odour

    Your clothes feel stiff and scratchy

    This revelation encouraged me to act. It was time to put the death of innocent jumpers to an end. While, I could’ve simply started to measure my detergent more accordingly, I opted for a little appliance upgrade that does all the measuring malarkey for me. Yes, you heard correctly. A washing machine that tells you and releases the correct amount of solution to protect your favourite garments.

    I must admit, I didn’t know this type of technology existed, an appliance that puts garment care front of mind. An ‘I-Dos’ feature was alien to me but with a little research, I discovered it refers to intelligent dosing technology.

    i-Dos sensors automatically add the perfect amount of detergent to your wash which means your clothes are left immaculate, whilst being economical too and with the ability to store a whole bottle of liquid detergent and softer inside the washing machine, you only have to fill it up once a month, saving trips to the supermarket and bulky bottles in your cupboards. The 9kg drum is also a great addition for a medium size family.

    Not only is the i-Dos feature a game-changer, but some machines put practicality and convenience in front of mind. The Bosch Serie 6, for instance, allows me to control my machine through my Amazon Alexa.

    As a work from home mum, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve thrown a load in the drum only to get distracted by potty requests or piggyback rides and only later realise that my dress for the evening is still sat uncleaned in the washing machine, now with the added Wi-Fi feature I am able to start the wash with a toddler hung around my neck just by asking my Alexa.

    With my model, all you need to do is throw your clothes in and the intelligent i-Dos system will weigh out and select the wash size you will need and measure out the perfect amount of detergent.

    As my washing machine is freestanding and therefore not integrated, it is somewhat important to me that it’s aesthetically pleasing. I’m happy I discovered the Bosch Serie 6 as not only does it have a sleek design but the smart technology really does give a modernist feel.

    It’s always a bit daunting getting a new appliance you’re not used to, but the dial is extremely simple and it has an integrated touch screen.

    The ability to set a child lock is brilliant, especially with babies and toddlers you can rest assured knowing the door is locked shut. I’ve also had a lot of remarks on is the EcoSilence drive, the machine kicks out little to no noise and considering my son’s bedroom is above the washing machine I have never had an issue with noise or vibrations.

    With the highest possible energy rating of, the ability to delay the timer, customise my washes, set a child lock and an EcoSilence drive it’s everything I could have wished for as a busy mum and not to forget the 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind. I’m happy with my washing machine upgrade and find that my clothes aren’t experiencing the issues I was beforehand!

    As an added bonus, AO unpacked our new washing machine, connected and set up ready to use within a matter of minutes. Having bought washing machines in the past I know how long-winded the process can be so the convenience of the AO installation services were priceless and if you have an existing machine it can be disconnected, taken away and recycled at the same time.

    Liv is using the Bosch Serie 6 Autodosing Washing Machine.

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @iamlivrose's honest opinion.

    Images supplied by @iamlivrose