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    Tried and Tested: Is Dyson's Purifier Hot + Cool the perfect space-saving combo?

    Nothing beats coming back to a home that always smells fresh and clear, right? Dyson's Purifier Hot + Cool captures and traps stubborn odours, and because it can turn 350 degrees, it’ll never miss a spot. But don’t just take our word for how great it is – we asked influencer @emeraldterrace to put it through its paces. Here’s the verdict…

    My name is Alicia, and I live in a period property with my husband, Guy, and our rescue dog Otis. Our house is a 1910 terraced property, and anyone who’s lived in one will relate to the problems we have with heat - in the summer, our house gets often unbearably warm and, in the winter, it’s super chilly. What’s more, since our dog moved in with us back in 2020, we now have to consider things like pet odours (especially after a wet walk in the rain) and allergens that could be caused by dog hair.

    Our home is relatively open plan and our living room, dining room and kitchen are all in the same space, so when shopping for air purifiers, we knew we needed something that can reach every corner and combat every odour. As our spaces are quite small, I’m always looking for solutions that are concise and compact without compromising on style.

    The last thing you want is extra clutter. Could you tell us what your first impressions of the air purifier were? 

    It’s a really slick piece of equipment. Like any Dyson product, design is one of the main selling points of this appliance and when it comes to looking good in my home, this really ticks the box. Previous air purifiers I’ve spotted on the market have been bulky and unsightly and not something I really wanted on display, but this one is modern and minimal, so it sits well in whatever room I place it in.

    Best of all, it’s really light, so I can easily move it between rooms - I have it with me in my office when I’m working away during the daytime, and I sleep with it in my bedroom at night. I’ve even used it in the living room when we’ve just brought Otis home from a walk in the rain and we want to get rid of any of those pesky wet dog smells!

    Sounds like it’s doing an amazing job so far. Now, air purifiers are good for helping anyone with seasonal allergies or problems sleeping. Have you had any issues like this before that have made you think about buying an air purifier?

    I don’t have specific allergies, but I would always find myself waking up in the mornings feeling stuffy and bunged up. I’ve tried sleeping with the window open and sleeping with it closed alongside using a traditional fan, but I could never shake off the groggy feeling when waking up. Until I tried this one, I didn’t even consider that this was potentially because of dust or allergens in the air - I’d just assumed it was because I was too hot or too cold while I was sleeping.

    Since we’ve started using the Dyson Hot and Cool Air purifier, I’ve noticed a massive difference in how I’m feeling when I wake up. That stuffy, blocked feeling has gone - and my husband has commented that he feels a lot better for it, too.

    That’s great to hear! Which features on the Dyson Hot and Cool Air purifier stood out for you?

    I’ve been using the Dyson Hot and Cool Air purifier for a few months now and honestly, I don't think I could live without it! One of the key aspects of the design is the oscillating function, where it can rotate 350 degrees to circulate hot or cool air over a wide area. This is perfect when I’m using the fan downstairs - we have a large open plan living, dining and kitchen space, so by popping the fan in the centre of the room, we can regulate the temperature of the whole space, whilst eliminating any odours from cooking, for example.

    As with many Dyson appliances, the user interface is responsive and well considered. The fan can be operated either by a remote control or by an app on your phone, so it’s perfect for those lazy days on the sofa or, for me, when I want to change the temperature without getting out of bed.

    Through the app and the remote control, you can access features including cooling and heating (here, you can set the temperature to up to 37 degrees), adjust the airflow speed, and change the oscillation and airflow direction. You can even set a timer (ideal when you’re dozing off) or activate Night Mode, where the brightness of the screen is turned off and the appliance operates more quietly.

    So, what do you think of an air purifier, heater and cooling fan in one appliance? Would you recommend it to others?

    My home is relatively small and busy, so I’m always looking for furniture and appliances that are multifunctional and compact. Previously, we had separate equipment for individual features, but having the Dyson Hot and Cool Air purifier truly provides the perfect space saving combo that packs a punch in functionality. I’d definitely recommend!

    @emeraldterrace is using the Dyson Hot and Cool Air purifier.

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @emeraldterrace, and has been written up by our copywriter.