Congratulations! You’ve given birth and have your bundle of gorgeousness in your arms. All that’s left to do is to sit and cuddle the day away, right? Wrong! Newborns might be small but cripes, do they go through a lot of laundry. Here’s 5 ways to succeed with newborn laundry, whilst keeping things sustainable, simple and stress – free


Use Eco-Friendly Washing Detergent

A newborn has very delicate skin so opt for non bio detergents that are phosphate-free and packaged in recyclable containers to be kind to your baby and to the environment. Also, you may not need as much detergent as you think for normal loads – especially if you live in a soft water area.


Wash at 30…or lower

Make sure you always wait until you have a full load before doing a wash in order to save money, water and electricity. You can check if yours is full by putting a clenched fist above the laundry in the drum – you shouldn’t have to squash your clothes or just use your eye to judge the volume of clothes for a load.

Take advantage of the sunshine

Invest in a lovely wooden drying rack or a washing line if you have the space. Not only will this save huge amounts of electricity, you’ll also find hanging up laundry a surprisingly relaxing activity. As soon as the sun starts to shine, if you have any outdoor space, get your washing out there – Mother Nature does the work better than any of us!

Cloth Nappies

If you’re using cloth nappies on your newborn, do make sure you get a good number of nappies so you’re not worrying about having enough clean ones. Newborns might go through a lot of clothes, but they go through even more nappies! The exact number of nappies you’ll need depends on which type of nappy you go for but we recommend something fast dying and absorbent so perhaps a combination of bamboo, microfiber and wool. And remember – you can source cloth nappies second hand to save resources and money.

Remember to Delegate

If one parent is spending the most time (and doing those late night shifts!) with the new baby then let the other parent (or any friends and family!) take on some of the washing load – it’s here where they can really be so helpful, and give the primary carer some much needed rest.

We hope these tips help you get through your newborn laundry with ease! Enjoy these precious few weeks, and congratulations again.



By Emma Ross on 08.04.19

Guest Contributor

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