Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together, spend time chatting, eating, celebrating and generally enjoying each other’s company. It’s also very much a time for children and a lot of the Christmas celebrations are centered around them. All these are wonderful traditions and much of the preparations for the festive days are based on these.

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However, what happens when our home simply doesn’t have the traditional setup, you don’t have children or they might be away, your family lives abroad. All those are things that can sometimes throw even the most rational person into a mild my Christmas isn’t complete style panic.

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What to do? Is there even a point in decorating, especially when a lot of decorations look like they have been purpose-made for children? Well, yes. Of course, there is! I’m a big Christmas person. Fan would sound a little wrong, but I love to decorate and celebrate no matter what the setup. When you’re celebrating as a couple, there is a festive cosiness that can’t be achieved with overexcited children around, so that in itself is something to be happy about.

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When it comes to the decorations, I believe that in order to make it beautiful it doesn’t need to be completely over the top. It really is all about the small touches, especially when we’re celebrating with that one special person. I also like the idea of keeping things fairly natural and a little rustic. Maybe that’s my wishful thinking of one day spending Christmas in a snowed-in log cabin.

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A small tag added to the tied napkins is a sweet gesture and reminds us that two is as important as a huge family. Rosemary tied together like a miniature wreath not only smells divine but also adds a little seasonal green to the table.

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Keep things natural and traditional with cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, pine cones and wood ornaments. And candles. You can never have too many candles to create a cosy and festive atmosphere. Put some of the decorations onto a cake stand to create a table centrepiece. After all, you should take advantage of the fact that your table won’t be entirely taken up by a huge turkey!

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What about the tree? Well, you could still get that 7-foot spruce, but if that seems a little too much, then why not decorate some twigs for a slightly more minimalist yet rustic-chic touch? Put the twigs into a large glass vase filled with fairy lights and decorate with some wood and straw ornaments. It’s a simple solution which won’t require you to vacuum pine needles until Easter either.

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All these are, of course, only small suggestions. The overall idea is to make it as special and festive for two as you would for 20.

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After all, Christmas should be about celebrating with the people we love and if that happens to be just one other person, then we’re already luckier than many.


By Carole Poirot on 12.12.19

Guest Contributor

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