Over the last year, copper has burst onto the interiors scene as the hottest new thing. but I’’d like to think those of us here at AO Life knew it was coming a long time ago. Copper has been a regular subject of our posts for the last year and half, even before it really became a major trend. Starting with my copper buying guide back in October 2013, we’’ve shared a gorgeous copper wire and floral napkin ring, a copper hanging planter, copper tea light holders, copper gift toppers and today, I thought we’’d concentrate on various ideas for using copper in your home.

See, this is the thing with warm metals (and why I love brass and gold so much as well), –they work beautifully with so many colours and finishes, the softness warms up a space and the reflective surface bounces light around a room. Copper ages beautifully as well. It develops a patina when left to the elements, creating a worn, nostalgic vibe and one that’’s perfectly imperfect. When polished and new, it’’s contemporary or Scandinavian but it can also be Boho, Moroccan or Industrial. It can work in any setting really.

tom dixon copper light

And it’’s pretty easy to use inexpensive copper pipe to create some wonderful DIY’’s for your home, as bloggers around the world have embraced the trend.

From copper magazine racks in the living room or home office….


To copper lighting which would light up a hallway in more ways than one….

DIY Copper and Wood light

And copper pipe tables for anywhere you need to set a drink down. The world’s your oyster in terms of using copper in your own home.

DIY Himmeli Table from Copper Pipe

Copper pipe is an incredibly versatile material as you can see. A shelving unit made from copper pipe could house books or ornaments and would make a striking feature as open storage in the kitchen.

Copper pipe shelving unit

Speaking of open storage, copper pots are meant to be shown off. These have been on my ‘must-have’ list for quite some time and seeing them on display just makes me realise how much I need to start saving my pennies for a set!

copper in the kitchen

For real impact, why not line an entire wall in copper sheeting as they have in this hotel? While stainless steel would probably make this look like the inside of a space ship, copper sets off the texture of bedding beautifully, offsets the brilliant blue and creates a warm and inviting haven, perfect for a good slumber or to curl up with a book when the sun has gone in.

copper wall panels

Of course, if a whole wall is too much of a commitment or you want to test out this trend in your own home, then accessories are certainly a great option. Copper pots are perfect for everything from houseplants to holding pencils.

copper in the kitchen

And if you want to go a softer route, then how about copper coloured cushions for your sofa?

copper cushions

So those are just a few ways to use copper in your home. How do you incorporate this trend in your own home? Any favourites of the ones listed? I’’d love to hear from you.


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By Kimberly Duran on 13.04.15

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