As the nights draw longer and the wind and rain pick up, all I really want to do is hibernate at home. I could say I’m simply following the latest trend for staycations or perhaps I’ve adopted the media’s suggestion that staying in is the new going out. But the truth is, I just like to be cosy in my own home at this time of year.

Being cosy at home is the thing people like most about the winter. Indeed, an exclusive survey conducted by AO showed that people even rate this above Christmas as the best thing about this season.

There’s something to be said for the lousy weather and the fact that there have been days when it felt dark at 2 in the afternoon. What better excuse do you need to wrap up warm, light a fire, huddle with your loved ones under a thick duvet and watch endless series on Netflix?

cosy boho bedroom

It’s something you’d probably never even consider in the middle of summer, when the lure of warm weather draws us all out of our homes. And yet at this time of year, being outside equates, in my mind, to being cold; and who likes being cold?

black and white bedroom

One of my favourite places to create a little cosy nest is in my bedroom. It’s the haven we all need to just get away from the busyness of the time of year and retreat to a warm safe place. Indeed, on a rainy Sunday when it’s just a bit too miserable to venture into the cold, when you have nothing pressing planned, there’s no better spot to be than in your own bed with a book or a pile of magazines, some loungewear and a cup of something warm. Bliss!

messy cosy bed

So, creating a cosy haven in your own bedroom is absolutely perfect for this time of year. It certainly doesn’t need to entail spending a lot of money or time to make your own personal nest work perfectly for those blissful days off, or simply as a place to retire to after a long day of fighting the queues in the shops.

cosy dark bedroom

One of the most important elements of creating any cosy space is introducing plenty of textures. Whether it’s a warm woolly blanket, a soft faux fur throw or perfectly soft sheets, gather up the things that feel good against your skin. For a real touch of luxury, consider a high thread count cotton sheet set, or for a rough and tumble look, consider linen, which just gets softer with repeated washings. If you are prone to getting a bit chilly in the night, look for soft flannel sheets that will keep you warm as temperatures dip.

cosy textures in the bedroom

Your lighting plays an important role in creating a cosy atmosphere as well. No one appreciates a glaringly bright overhead light, so be sure to install dimmers to keep the light soft. Add additional pools of light in the form of bedside table lamps or consider adjustable arm wall lights for late-night reading.

using string lights in the bedroom

Using warm white fairy lights this time of year is perfectly acceptable as well. They can create a really soft atmosphere, perfect for relaxing.

For a real luxury feel, how about a mini-spa station? It can be as simple as a bedside drawer that has softening body lotion, a lavender-filled eye mask or a warming (or cooling) neck pillow to give yourself a little relaxing treat before winding down.

pamper station on bedside table

While our sense of touch and sight has been catered for, let’s not forget how important our sense of smell is when creating a relaxed atmosphere. Lavender has long been known for its sleep-inducing properties. Try adding a few drops of lavender to a bit of cotton wool and rubbing it onto the bulbs in your bedroom, it’ll give off a soothing scent when the bulb heats up. You can also use a scented eye mask or try tucking a lavender sachet under your pillow. For something warming, consider sipping camomile tea, another scent known for relaxation, to signal to your body that it’s time to charge down. Jasmine and Vanilla can also help induce restfulness and sleep, so consider a scent diffuser with any of these fragrances for the bedroom to create a truly calm atmosphere.

Chamomile LavenderTea

And finally, remember to remove the distractions from your bedroom. Paperwork, post, that pile of laundry and clutter will only remind you of chores you need to get to. Don’t use your bedroom as a dumping ground for these things and ensure your room is truly a haven away from the stresses of the day.

How do you create a cosy atmosphere in your own bedroom? Are you ready to hibernate for the winter as well?


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By Kimberly Duran on 01.11.19

Guest Contributor