Now is the time when nature comes back to life and the sun is out more often. We are finally able to throw open the windows, let some fresh air into our homes and enjoy the light flooding through. So, as it’s also Easter soon, how about bringing a touch of spring to your table and any other festivities you might have planned? Isn’t there something really nice about making that extra-special effort to make a table look as beautiful as possible? Even if it’s a table for two, some flowers, candles, nice napkins, all these little touches add to that feeling that it’s a special occasion and that we’ve made an effort for the other person.

Spring Table Pink Post 5

When you think of spring and Easter, what are the things that come to your mind? Well, flowers, I’m sure. Eggs maybe? Coordinating colours and textures might be a good idea? Well, I’ve put together two themes which I hope you might like. They’re quite different, but both are very fitting for this time of the year.

First up is the natural theme. Natural because the colours are earthy and soft, the materials natural and a little rough. Nothing is too bright or stands out too much.

Spring Table Natural Post 6


Spring Table Natural Post 7

This theme is all about restraint and letting the natural beauty of the materials speak for themselves. Think of things like wood, handmade earthenware, some simple string to hold the cutlery together, wicker, birds made from paper.

Spring Table Natural Post 2

You don’t even need an actual tablecloth for this look. A length of faded linen works beautifully with this easy and casual look. When it comes to glasses, try and look out for some which are thick and have the typical green glass colour.

Spring Table Natural Post 3

Herbs in a simple plant pot don’t only smell lovely, they also add some rustic green to the table and can of course be decorated with things like these clip-on paper birds or small Easter egg decorations.

Spring Table Natural Post 4

This is a look that will make your guests feel at ease and that is perfect for casual get-togethers and something like a brunch.

Spring Table Natural Post 5

As a second, and somewhat different theme, I have chosen to decorate the table in pink. Now this is obviously a more feminine choice, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work for the whole family. Using a light grey tablecloth underneath offsets the pink colour in a beautiful way and grounds the whole theme a little. Yes, a pink tablecloth would have been overkill and would mean that the pretty details get lost.

Spring Table Pink Post 1

I think that one of the most beautiful additions to a table like are some cherry blossoms. If you can’t get hold of real ones, then look out for pretty fake ones like the ones I used for my napkin rings here.

Spring Table Pink Post 7

Mix up various shades of pink from bright to the palest pastel as seen here on the pitcher, small jug and bowls. After all, this isn’t supposed to look like Barbie’s home!

Spring Table Pink Post 4


Spring Table Pink Post 6

Think about textures: stay away from anything too shiny as “pink and shiny” will cheapen the look. Think instead about something like linen for napkins, paper straws and paper decorations. Glasses should be a little more elegant than the ones used for the natural scheme, but suitable for a daytime table.

Spring Table Pink Post 2

So, keep the gold-rimmed champagne flutes in the cabinet for another occasion. Overall, this is a very pretty, but not too preppy look. It works beautifully for this time of the year and will make your table shine.

So, these are my two colour schemes for this Spring. What do you think? Which one is your favourite? Or if you’d like a different scheme altogether, what would you choose?


The beautiful pitchers, jugs, mugs and bowls as well as the paper birds were kindly supplied by Rigby & Mac. Browse their website for more fabulous home accessories and gifts.


By Carole Poirot on 20.03.14

Guest Contributor

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