If you remember my post on styling a spring table, you’’ll know that I like a beautiful and creative table. It’’s something that I love to create, that can be enjoyed throughout the year, that guests will enjoy and maybe even your family – though with two men in the household (in my case), that part is not always a given….

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Styling your table according to the seasons is something that is relatively easy and quick to achieve and will bring a touch of that season into your home. I like to let the colours of nature inspire me and use the season’’s natural offerings like pumpkins and seasonal flowers. Something else to consider are the fabrics. In this tutorial I showed you how to dye napkins a rich, yellow colour that will fit in perfectly with an autumnal table.

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So, what else is needed to make the table look just the right side of seasonal without risking it looking like something straight out of a bad Hollywood comedy revolving around Thanksgiving? Well, keeping things casual and not too orderly is a good starting point. Don’’t go overboard with flower arrangements or symmetrically arranged pumpkins. This look is about natural beauty and nature is rarely symmetrical.

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Layering is another key. Even if you’’re not using all the plates, you should have two stacked on top of each other for interest. Choose plates and glasses which work with the colours and textures. Greys, blues, greens, all these are colours that work beautifully and will offset the rich and warm tones of the flowers and napkins. If you have any handmade pottery, then consider using those items and any wooden bowls are a perfect match. Add a little menu you’’ve written out on handmade paper, a napkin and some flowers and the setting for a person is complete.

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When it comes to the actual natural touches, think about the colours that nature currently provides. Soft greys like the sky mixed with rich jewel colours. Dried hydrangeas work really well, so does craspedia (aka Billy Buttons) and pepper corns. Yes, those little pink bush-like things are peppercorns as they grow. Pretty, right? Fruit, vegetables and anything like that displayed in bowls and on platters works also beautifully.

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Now all you need to do is put it all together in a way that you’’re comfortable with. Forget anything overly formal and aim instead for fun and casual. This will let the textures and colours “do the talking” and above all make your guests feel comfortable.

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Small bowls, small plates, jugs, glasses and wooden bowls are a friendly loan from Rigby & Mac. Flowers from The Fresh Flower Company. 


By Carole Poirot on 29.10.14

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