I’ve always been fascinated by the styles and trends coming over to the UK from abroad and one place I am especially drawn to is the decorative style of The United States. Of course, while I’ve been an ‘honorary Brit’ for the last 15 years, I’m originally from the US and so naturally, I have a slight bias! The Americans have a particular pension for bolder, brighter and “bigger is better” and there’s no room for bland or boring. Fittingly, our two real homes today show how you can incorporate sophistication, style and make room for all the family in your own man cave.

In the last in our series about man caves (you can see our posts on How to Create the Perfect Man Cave as well as my own DIY man cave story), I wanted to share a pair of fantastic renovations created by two talented American interior design bloggers – Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design and Gwen from The Makerista. They differ in their execution and yet both have catered to the needs of the entire household whilst also creating a space that reflects the taste and style of their other halves.



What can you incorporate into your own man cave from these US examples?

Like Julia, while your interests can and should play a role in the décor, incorporating other family interests in the space ensures it’s enjoyed by everyone. Using pale natural colours creates a welcoming space that’s easy on the eye and easy for everyone to live with.

Like Gwen, consider bringing in some sophisticated elements with dark colours, warm leather, large artwork and decorative touches that add both elegance as well as whimsy and don’t skimp on the sound system!

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To see more of Julia’s man cave, visit her here.

To see more of Gwen’s man cave, visit her here.

All images courtesy of Cuckoo 4 Design and The Makerista and used with kind permission.


By Kimberly Duran on 27.06.16

Guest Contributor

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