The sun’s out, shorts are in, and ice-cream is now a legal requirement. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, summer is here once again.

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy the sun, but we’re of the opinion that nothing quite beats a good old fashioned barbecue with friends, and what’re the key ingredients behind any successful cookout? That’s right; food, drink, music, and more food.

Alas, as we can’t send you a parcel full of grub (burgers don’t do well in the post, you know), we thought we’d help you kick your summer off in style by taking care of the music. So, without further ado, here are five tracks that’ll add a little extra something to those blissful summer days.

Tycho - L

There’s something beautiful about the way summer sunsets linger for hours, slowly melting away in a haze of purple and orange.

It’s a gorgeous image, and one that’s the inspiration behind Tycho’s succinctly titled track, L, a mellow, hypnotic, electro-ambient ode to our favourite season.

The Beach Boys - I Get Around

Honestly, The Beach Boys have too many summer songs to pick just one. From Good Vibrations and Surfin’ U.S.A. to Wouldn’t It Be Nice and Fun, Fun, Fun, we could’ve filled up this list with nothing but Beach Boys tracks.

Unfortunately, we can only pick one, so after much excruciating deliberation we’ve gone for infectious summer hit, I Get Around.

The opening track on The Beach Boys sixth album, All Summer Long, I Get Around is an impeccable example of 1960s rock-pop, and an upbeat, irresistible record that’s impossible to ignore.

Daft Punk - Digital Love

We were tempted to plump for Daft Punk’s recent summer smash, Get Lucky, but then we remembered just how good the french duo’s 2001 hit, Digital Love, is.

A soft, smooth track peppered with funky synth beats, warm fades, and some surprisingly catchy lyrics, Digital Love is the perfect companion for those care-free summer evenings.

Justin Timberlake - Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Forget about the fact that Justin Timberlake’s latest single is the official theme song for DreamWorks’ Trolls movie, because this one’s about to become the song of the summer.

A sumptuous slice of light-hearted pop, Can’t Stop The Feeling combines buoyant vocals with breezy beats to create a sparkling track that’s as irresistible as it is infectious.

“I’ve got that sunshine in my pocket and soul in my feet” sings Timberlake, and after listening to this, we wager you will too.

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

The Beatles need no introduction, and when it comes to summer songs has there even been a tune with a more appropriate title than Here Comes the Sun?

A stripped back classic fuelled by an easy-going acoustic riffs and laid-back lyrics, Here Comes the Sun is perhaps the ultimate laid back summer jam, and undoubtedly one of the fab four’s best.

Bryan Adams - Summer of 69

When it comes to up-tempo summer rock, you’d be hard pressed to name a song more iconic than Summer of 69.

 Built on a bedrock of chunky electric riffs, rasping vocals, and timeless, nostalgia-heavy lyrics, Adam’s classic is a pathway to summer bliss.

Will Smith - Miami

Back in 1997, just before he became one of the most bankable movie stars on the planet, Will Smith was getting ready to release his first solo album “Big Willie Style.”

Questionable name aside, the nine-time platinum album served up a slew of hits, including soulful sensations, Miami, which blends Smith’s liquid hip-hop vocals with ’80s disco got create a summer single worthy of the East Coast.

Tame Impala - Let It Happen

Tame Impala’s most recent lead single, Let It Happen, seems to capture the essence of summer in a mere 4 minutes and 16 seconds.

The song is a see-sawing, slow burning yarn that implores you to tilt back and drift away into the summer breeze – and, as we all know, that’s what summer’s all about.

Katy Perry - California Gurls

Take Katy Perry’s dreamy vocals, add a dash of Snoop Dogg’s trademark languid lyricism, and what do you get?

The answer is California Gurls, a tongue-in cheek electro pop summer anthem that refuses to take itself too seriously. Instead, it asks just one question; are you ready to have a good time?

Kishi Bashi - Bright Whites

You probably haven’t heard of Kishi Bashi, but hear me out, because his unique blend of eccentric, psychedelic indie-pop is to summer what gin is to tonic.

There are a number of stand out hits on the solo artist’s debut album, but I’ll go out on a limb and say Bright Whites tops the lot.

A joyous track that expertly mixes emphatic, plucky strings with layers upon layers of sumptuous, airy vocals, Bright Whites is a soaring summer jam that’s as bright as the name suggests.

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By Chris Kerr on 31.05.18

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