Waking up and dragging yourself out of bed on a wet and windy September morning is the stuff of nightmares. Combine this with the horrible task of having to raise grunting zombies from their sleepy dens and you have a recipe for family disgruntlement. So, I’ve come up with some technology tips and devices to help establish some routine, shake off the cobwebs and get your day off to a good start.


Aura Connected Alarm Clock £190


Sleep is precious and not getting enough of it is one of the prime reasons why waking up in the morning can be such a struggle. As a technology blogger, you’d expect I’d have lists of sleep tracking apps, smart bands and meditative podcasts at my fingertips, this is not the case. I am a firm believer in making the bedroom a tech-free zone.

Smartphone screens emit a bright blue light that mimics the brightness of the sun and because of this, light from your screen disrupts your sleep cycle, making it harder to fall asleep. So, no phones, iPads or laptops before bed please. However, the one gadget I do recommend and understand as a necessity is an alarm clock, and if this alarm clock contains a sleep regulating light and a Spotify tie-in, even better!

According to a sleep study conducted by Withings, 73% of UK respondents say a bad wake up can have a very negative effect on their day. To combat this they have introduced the Aura Connected Alarm Clock, it’s a high-tech alarm hidden in a stylish lamp that will gradually wake up the user with blue melatonin light and a customised Spotify playlist. A gentle wake up to your favourite music will ensure your family get out of bed feeling refreshed and positive.


Nest Thermostat £249


Aside from actually waking up, the hardest thing about getting out of bed in the morning is leaving your cosy duvet den to brave the chill. With Nest Thermostat, you can turn the heating up without having to get out of bed, and for this sole application I consider it a good autumn/winter wake up investment.

Once you’ve seen a Nest thermostat on your wall, any previous device will look practically prehistoric. It has a clean, futuristic design with a simple wheel that turns to both adjust the temperature and programme your schedule (it was designed by the same guy who worked on the iPod). It cleverly learns your preferred temperatures and the schedule you tend to favour and will auto-adjust your heating programme accordingly. What’s more, if you leave the house, Nest will automatically turn itself down to save precious energy. The big sell is that it can be adjusted remotely by your phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world, be that Australia or your bed.

Nest doesn’t come cheap, their third generation model comes in at £249 with installation, a big blow to the bank balance for the luxury of customised cosiness. However, there are other benefits which will hopefully save you money in the long run.


Bosch Tassimo Suny Pod Coffee Machine £110


For me, making the first coffee of the day is an important part of my morning routine. Not so much because of the caffeine, but because I enjoy the daily ritual and the moment of calm it brings me. That being said, I don’t have time to hang around whilst the water boils, coffee beans grind and milk foams. I want a simple solution that brings me a delicious drink. I really recommend the Bosch Tassimo Suny Pod Coffee Machine. It’s a fuss-free appliance that comes in at a good price, the drinks are brewed instantly and it’s super easy to clean. The Tassimo pods are available at most supermarkets and have a great selection to choose from, so you can pick them up during the weekly shop instead of having to order them separately online.


Breville Blend Active Family Pack – £35


Getting a healthy breakfast in before the school run or morning commute can be a challenge when time is against you. Smoothies make a fantastic, portable (and fun!) breakfast that will tick off some of your 5 a day and fill up hungry tummies. The Breville Blend Active Family Pack is a brilliant choice, not only is it extremely affordable but it comes with two 600ml adult-sized bottles and two smaller 300ml bottles, so the whole family can enjoy delicious take-away drinks. All you need to do is pop your ingredients into one of the sports bottles, attach the blade cap and blend away, swap the cap for a drinking lid and you’re ready to run out of the house. The blades can cope with fruits, nuts, oats and even ice so there’s no excuse not to get a healthy breakfast in and get your day started the right way.


Ejector Bed – £Priceless

Although, if you get really stuck, you could always try an ejector bed?


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Explore our range of Coffee Machnes

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By Maddie Moate on 22.09.15

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