Let’s get real, planning a wedding can pretty stressful at times. Not only are you trying to bring your dream wedding to life but you have to consistently multi-task by keeping track of suppliers, noting the deposits you’ve paid, projects you want to DIY, keeping track of guests’ RSVPs (not to mention their dietary requirements), creating your seating chart and so much more! All this whilst also trying to stay within budget! Long story short, there is A LOT to do. BUT with the right tools and software planning your wedding can be so much more manageable and stress free! Top Tip: It’s all about staying organised.

Whilst it’s all well and good to use pen, paper and a notebook to plan, it’s not practical. It makes so much more sense to keep track of everything online, not only does that mean you can share your planning/budgeting with your other half through tools like OneDrive but you won’t accidentally leave your Excel spreadsheet on the train, like you might a notebook.

Here’s where Microsoft Office 365 becomes the hero. Their Excel templates are AMAZING for wedding planning, because quite frankly who wants to design and create an entire spreadsheet when there’s one that’s ready for you to fill in and tweak?!

It’s as simple as opening up Excel, heading to ‘New’ and typing in wedding in the search bar, this brings up a bunch of really helpful templates including:

  • Wedding budget Planner
  • Wedding budget summary
  • Wedding invitation tracker
  • Wedding & reception music playlist


One quick look at the wedding budget planner and you’ll find a wide range of categories from apparel to entertainment, stationery to photography and many more all ready for you fill in the estimated cost, what you actually paid and whether you’re over or under your budget.  You can also add in your own categories if there’s something that you don’t see in the list that you’re dreaming of having at your wedding!


The best part about this spreadsheet though is that if you head over to the ‘wedding budget’ tab you get a quick glimpse at your spending in a pie chart so you can see exactly what the biggest and smallest parts of your budget are being put towards. Awesome right? Plus you can customise the colours to match your wedding theme.



You can download the free trial of Microsoft Office 365 and start planning and organising to your heart’s content!


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By Bespoke Bride on 16.05.17

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