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    Family Connection

    In a world where it seems technology is separating our families, we introducing how to bring family together with smart tech!

    Use tech to your advantage. Look beyond the basic, functional stuff, and actually – there’s a ton of inspiring ways to help make life a little easier, and a little more enjoyable. If you’re looking to spend some more quality time with your family, then this article is for you.

    Play games

    Smart speakers are absolutely packed with games! From adventure role playing to maths competitions, you’ll be able to spend hours gathered around the table together.

    As of today, there are over 40 games to choose from, including ‘The Magic Door’ – an adventure game with multiple stories that require you to find hidden items and solve puzzles. If you’re more into traditional games, you can play hangman and even Tic Tac Toe.

    Games like this are a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone together, to work as a team and have a laugh whilst you’re at it!

    Do quizzes

    Quizzes are great to engage the minds of children, especially if the quiz is about a subject they’re learning about in school!

    Smart speakers provide a massive selection of trivia quizzes, including topics like capital cities, the planets and speech technology! Pool your knowledge as a family and get a real kick from getting those questions right!

    Listen to your favourite playlists

    Smart speakers can connect to most popular music streaming services, including Spotify and Deezer. What’s really awesome is that you can ask your voice assistant to play some music, and it will play something immediately. No scrolling through playlists or arguing which song will play first.

    Dancing around the living room is a great way to keep your family fit – and you can even play your music through multiple rooms in the house if you have more than one smart speaker.

    Find the best family movies

    If you ask your Google Home to review a movie, it’ll give you a score from Metacritic, so you know you’ll be watching something good – even if the kids have picked it. You can also ask your voice assistant to recommend for you the best movies for kids. Or if it’s for you and your partner, you can ask it to recommend the best action, horror or comedy films too.

    Story time

    If your nightly routine involves a bedtime story, you can ask your smart speaker to help out. This is the perfect feature if you’re looking for new stories, new inspiration, or if the kids just aren’t interested in what they already have to read. It’s also great if you’re not at home, say at a hotel, and there are no kids’ books available.


    Houses with 3 floors, loud music, intense concentration on homework (or YouTube). There are sometimes quite a few barriers to our communication at home, especially when dinner is ready now, or if you need help, but your hands are full.

    Google have recently introduced broadcasting to their home devices, meaning you can contact anyone in your house in a few seconds flat. Like a loudspeaker system, whatever you say into one Google Home, is broadcast across the other devices in your home. No more conversations over the staircase!

    Cast magic spells

    Okay, well maybe not magic spells. But Chromecast is built-into Google Home and lets you cast whatever is on your phone, onto your TV screen. This is great if you want to watch a YouTube series, or want to look over your extra special holiday memories together.