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    Tried and Tested: Can the LG Styler breathe new life into your wardrobe?

    We all love splashing the cash on clothes, even if some outfits are worn once and then never see the light of day again. But have you ever considered that buying more and more clothes that you barely wear has a negative impact on the environment? Maybe it’s time to re-think your fashion habits. We sent @aarontoumazou the LG Styler to test out, to see if it’d inspire him to change his ways. Confessions of a GQ writer below…

    We’ve all experienced the feeling of hating every item of clothing we own. Yes, even if you work in fashion at GQ, like me. Given the perks of my job, we can all probably appreciate that buying a whole new wardrobe every season is hardly the most sustainable.

    They say that one of the best things you can do to tackle fashion’s not so eco-friendly rep is to buy ‘cleverer’. Pieces that’ll stand the test of time thanks to better materials, and a style that won’t be outdated a year later. But while that’s all well and good, it doesn’t take away from the spring in your step when you’re parading through Soho in a brand new outfit.

    A piece of kit like the LG Styler promises to breathe new life into old clothes, in a way that washing machines simply can’t. It might well be the cleverest buy this fickle dresser could hope for. But will it help me appreciate my thrift shop finds and designer blow-outs that are currently collecting dust in my wardrobe? For the sake of my wallet and the planet, I had to give it a go...

    Hey Aaron! Would you mind starting off by telling us what your first impressions of the LG Styler were?

    Sure. There’s no doubt that the LG Styler has style. Although I don’t have the means to put it into a walk-in closet, it slotted perfectly next to my washer dryer in the garage. Its futuristic, glass-fronted door looks so slick and I just know that it would elevate any utility room set-up. At 80kg it’s not the easiest to pick and choose where to place it. Plus, the fact that it generates heat and works better in a less-cramped space makes the garage a perfect spot for it (even if I do kind of wish I could show it off somewhere more visible).

    What is the LG Styler all about? Could you explain a bit about how it works?

    So whether you’re trying to cut down your dry-cleaning bill, or perhaps you’re finally treating your clothes with the respect they deserve, the LG Styler is game-changing for anyone who takes pride in their wardrobe. Thanks to LG’s TrueSteam tech, which is given the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation, it’ll sanitise, dry and steam clothes in an attempt to restore them to their fresh-off-the-rail glory.

     My summer wardrobe is currently sitting in vacuum-sealed bags somewhere, so I can’t wait to use this on them and give them a new lease of life. In times of global pandemics, the sanitise function that removes 99.9% of bacteria and allergens feels especially useful for trousers and jackets after a day in the office.

    We challenged you to test its functions and to see whether they lived up to LG’s sustainability claims. How did you get on?

    I tried the Refresh function first. With a few face-to-face meetings in my calendar this week, it was perfect for reviving some of the smarter pieces in my wardrobe. After a year of pretty much wearing only loungewear, I hadn’t given a blazer a spin in a very long time, so mine had a bit of a musty smell to them. It uses hot steam to remove wrinkles and odours – really great for sprucing up premium and more delicate fabrics. It took 39 minutes, and I was surprised by how little noise it made. My items looked so much fresher, less wrinkled and were nicer smelling. I can see what a godsend this feature might be for people who wear suits on a Monday-Friday basis.

    To test the Sanitise function, I picked a selection of clothes that didn’t quite need a wash, but had undergone the unsanitary minefield of the London underground. I popped in a tartan flannel that I’d picked up at a vintage store too, which I was yet to wear and still had that second-hand pong about it. I was keen to see the results on clothes that weren’t quite in-need of an actual wash, so I opted for the Heavy Duty setting which took 1 hour and 23 minutes. It prepped, steamed and dried them, and while this setting had the least visual impact, the vintage shirt was ridded of its thrifty stench. I can see myself using this function a lot before wearing second-hand purchases. Having recently taken up boxing classes, it’s going to prove useful for getting the bacteria out of my wraps and gloves too, which makes it a knock-out feature in my books.

     As someone who still mourns many a designer jumper lost to tumble drying, the Gentle Dry setting was the one I was most looking forward to using. I love the convenience of a dryer, and I despise having to hang up washing on a clothes horse. After hand-washing a couple of knits and delicate T-shirts, I put it to work. After an hour and a half (much quicker than air-drying), my clothes felt ready to wear, although the thicker bits could have done with a tad longer. Most importantly though, they came out dry without the fabric’s quality being compromised. And praise be, no shrinkage.

    Did you download the LG ThinQ™ app? Was it easy to set up and do you think you’ll use it in the future?

    The downside to keeping it in the garage, is that my WiFi connection was not the easiest to connect to. It’s nothing a range extension couldn’t handle, and when I had it going, I was glad I took the time to run the network diagnostics. The LG ThinQ app lets you check in on and control a cycle from your phone. That meant that before I’d even rolled out of bed, I could stick my outfit for the day on a quick Refresh while I showered and ate breakfast, before slipping into freshly steamed threads.

     I also noticed that the app lets you download special programmes for shoes, which you can download and preset onto your device. Given the ridiculousness of my shoe and trainer collection, that’s something I’ll definitely be making use of. It tracks the Styler’s energy consumption too, so you can keep an eye on what you’re using.

    Finally, the verdict. What do think about the Styler overall? Would you recommend it and if so, who to?

    It feels like a bit of an extravagance – something you might expect to see at a 5* hotel in its manufacturers’ homeland, rather than suburban utility rooms. But hey, if I’m going to be honest about it, my entire wardrobe is an extravagance, and if you’re someone who takes pride in the clothes they buy, the idea of loving them just as much years down the line is something that shouldn’t be written off as a gimmick.

     There’s no doubt that it’s done more than refresh my clothes in a literal sense; it’s also refreshed my attitude towards them. Using the machine is a joyful experience that makes me actually want to nurture my wardrobe, rather than leave it to build up into a pile that I don’t properly know how to care for. Whether you’re a high-flying C-suit exec or just an average joe who likes to look good, the LG Styler is an investment which, in the long run, will pay for itself.

    @aarontoumazou is using the LG Styler.

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @aarontoumazou, and has been written up by our copywriter.