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    Top Tips: How To Remove Stains From Your Clothes

    Give your stained shirts a new lease of life with our easy and effective stain removing hacks

    We’ve perfected ways to remove carpet stains, so now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and tackle those pesky clothes stains. Never lose a favourite shirt to a stain again with these effective hacks to remove them!

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    How to remove coffee stains

    Spilt your morning coffee down your white shirt? The best way to get this out is by soaking it in a solution of half water and half vinegar. Leave it for a few minutes, then rub the material together and give it a rinse in some fresh water. The quicker you can get to the stain, the better, but this should still work if it’s completely dried on the fabric.

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    How to remove red wine stains

    Waking up with a big red wine stain down your favourite top can be worse than the hangover, but it doesn’t have to be. Just place your top over a big bowl, with the stain in the centre, and pour a bottle of soda water over it. Leave it to soak for around 10 minutes and the red wine should come right out.

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    How to remove makeup stains

    Whether you’ve dropped your makeup brush down your top, or your teen’s got the worst foundation marks on their school shirts, shaving cream will help you get the stains right out. Just squirt it right onto the foundation and give it a scrub. Leave it to soak into the stain (the longer, the better) and when you come back to it, give it another scrub before rinsing it under cold water. At this point, you should see that some of the stain has lifted. You might just need to repeat this a few times before it’s ready to wear again.

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    How to remove vegetable oil stains

    Hot soapy water cleans oil off pots and pans, so why shouldn’t it work on our clothes too? After you’ve ran a bowl, soak your item of clothing in soapy water for around 15 minutes. Every couple of minutes, just give it a scrub to make sure the soap is getting into the fabric. Because it’s oil, you’ll have to leave it to dry before you can see if the stain’s fully come out. Finger’s crossed!

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    Please read care labels carefully and patch test all fabrics before attempting any of these methods.