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    Fridge Freezer Troubleshooting Guide

    Having problems with your fridge freezer? This guide gives you the top warning signs that yours is on its way out. Or, head to the FAQs where we'll guide you through unblocking your machine and giving advice on some of the most common problems.

    Signs you need a new fridge freezer

    Most fridge freezers stay at the best for around 10 years, so if yours is getting on a bit and showing any of these 5 signs, it might be worth looking for a replacement.

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    It's overheating

    Sometimes fridge freezers can struggle to keep their cool – not what you need when you want those veggies to stay fresh. In fact, food going off quicker than you’d expect could be a sign that your fridge freezer’s overheating. Another way to check is to look for any extra condensation, or if you can get to it, see if the back of your appliance is letting off more heat than usual. If you spot any of these signs, and you can’t see an issue with the door seal or thermostat, it probably means your fridge freezer’s on the way out.

    The freezer has a frosty build-up

    A frosty reception every time you open the freezer could be another red flag. If it isn’t a no frost model, then a bit of ice building up every now and then is normal – you can easily see it off by manually defrosting – but when big chunks of the cold stuff keep appearing, it might mean your freezer just isn’t what it used to be.

    It's making a lot of noise

    Is your fridge freezer sounding like it’s about to take off? Yeah, that’s not good. A noisy appliance could mean the motor’s on the way out. All might not be lost though – simply try the good old-fashioned ‘turn it off and then on again’ technique (that works for everything else, right?). If it’s still doing an impression of a jet engine – especially if it’s over 10 years old – then it’s time to get yourself a brand new replacement that won’t deafen you every time you go in the kitchen.

    It's not making any noise at all

    If your fridge freezer’s as silent as a mouse, then it might be another sign that it could be on the way out. That’s because a quiet appliance could mean the compressor’s been damaged. Another sign to look out for is warm groceries inside. If you’ve tried turning it off and on again (that old favourite) and the problem’s still not fixed, then it’s farewell fridge freezer.

    It's not efficient anymore

    Older models aren’t as efficient as newer ones, and that’s because the tech that makes appliances more eco-friendly is getting cleverer all the time. All the latest models now get a letter on the A-G energy efficiency scale, with A being the best – that means it’s better for the environment and your bills will be lower too. Win-win, right?

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    Give your fridge some TLC

    Here’s a few things you can be doing to maintain your fridge freezer, so it's always working at its best.

    How to defrost your fridge freezer and when to do it

    A guide to defrosting your fridge freezer

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    Frost and ice is appearing in my frost free fridge freezer

    Get your fridge freezer working the way it should

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    My fridge freezer is leaking

    We're on hand to help you out and get rid of that pesky leak

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    How to drain and unblock your fridge freezer

    A blocked fridge freezer can be a nuisance, especially if your model has a water dispenser. Thankfully our handy guide below will help you resolve the problem.

    If you have a pool of water or leak in your fridge, check the drain isn’t clogged up.

    To do this, make sure you unplug your appliance first.

    Unscrew the back panel – be careful as you might not be able to move it far.

    Now check the grommet – this funny sounding thing is a funnel which lets water down the drain to be evaporated. Check that it's not clogged up or frozen up as this will stop water from draining properly. Take it out and give it a good clean with hot soapy water if necessary before drying and clipping it back into place.

    Grab a pipe cleaner and clean out the drain inside your fridge to get rid of any bits of food that might have got trapped.

    If your fridge’s dispenser is blocked and no water or ice is coming out, turn off the shut off valve at the bottom.

    You’ll then then need to take out the panel at the front.

    Now put a towel down and disconnect one end of the water line. Check to see if water is coming out. If not, it’s most likely to be frozen in the middle.

    Let the blockage either defrost naturally, or fill a turkey baster with warm water and pour over the line to speed it up – don’t use a hairdryer as this can be damaging.

    Once the blockage has melted, connect the line and screw the panel back in – turn the power on and try pouring a glass of water to check everything is working.

    How to change a water filter

    If your fridge freezer has a water dispenser, this is something you’ll have to do every now and then. Learn how with our step by step guide below.

    Start by turning off the water supply and dispenser at the shut-off valve on the cold-water line.

    Take out the old filter by twisting anti-clockwise.

    Remove the new filter from the packaging, along with any protective cap.

    Put the new filter in by lining up the tabs and twisting the cartridge clockwise until it’s in position.

    Now you can turn the water supply and dispenser back on.

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