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Remote control buying guide

Check out the top 3 things you need to consider when buying a new remote control with our helpful guide.

Remote, clicker, zapper, the buttons; whatever you call a remote control, you’ll know that they are the kings of convenience. Whether you need to replace an old remote for your TV or if you want to cut down and want one control for a variety of devices, this guide will help you to find what’s right for you.

Universal remote controls

Universal remotes eliminate the need to have more than one control lying around in your living room. With the ability to manage a number of devices, you can turn up the volume on the TV, change the channel on the set top box, press play on the DVD and more. All without having to fiddle around with more than one remote. Most of these clever controls are compatible with almost all brands that we sell, but we always recommend having a look through the specifications to make sure it will work with the devices that you want it to.

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Standard TV remote controls

A standard TV remote control manages the television alone and these are usually tailored to the manufacturer. But, there’s a clever clicker that copies the functions of the remote it’s replacing, so it can be used across a variety of TVs. There are also a range of brand specific remote controls that will link up to your Samsung, Sony or LG television set without any problems.

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Digital set top box remote controls

If you’re after a new remote for a set top box, have a browse for a universal remote that can connect with more than one device. The chances are, on the list of compatible devices will be set top boxes or satellite boxes, but it’s always worth double checking the specs. If you’ve got a Sky remote that needs replacing, look no further than the official Sky+HD remote that comes with all the necessary buttons for your box and it can even link up to your TV.

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