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Heat pump tumble dryer tips

Find out everything you need to know about your heat pump tumble dryer.

Super energy efficient and kind to your clothes, it's easy to see why heat pump tumble dryers are becoming more and more popular. Whether you're the proud owner of one or you're just curious about these marvellous machines, you can find out how they dry your laundry and how you can get the most out of them right here.

What is heat pump technology?

Heat pump technology uses around half the energy of conventional dryers, which, in turn, saves you a fair few pennies on your bills. There’s no heating element inside heat pump models, instead, they reuse hot air that would otherwise be wasted to remove moisture from your clothes. The temperature of the air in the drum is lower than other electric dryers too, so your fabrics are better protected against heat damage and shrinking.

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Drying times

Because it’s a more efficient and natural drying process, heat pump dryers do tend to take longer to dry your clothes than other models. You can expect to add 30 minutes or more to a typical programme. There’s a few things you can do to aid the drying process too:

  • Opening the door during the cycle can cause that precious heat to escape and increase the time needed to dry thoroughly.
  • It’s important not to overload your heat pump dryer to ensure your clothes dry efficiently. You should be able to use the maximum load size when your drying cottons, but when synthetic materials are added, you’ll need to half the load. Your product manual will have all the loading information you need for your model.

Treat it well

The product manual you get with your heat pump tumble dryer is packed with guidelines that will help you get the best out of your appliance. Here are some of our top tips too:

  • Make sure the filters are cleaned
  • Empty the water container regularly
  • Check and clean the condenser every three months
  • Heat pump tumble dryers shouldn’t be kept in the cold. Avoid storing them in garages and other outbuildings.

Contact the manufacturer

If you can’t find your product manual, or you have a question, try giving the manufacturer a call. Their experts will be able to talk you through any options available and offer out any advice. Check out the link below for a list of manufacturer numbers.

Manufacturer helplines