Are you ready for the season of sport? With everything from the Olympics to the Euro 2016, the Ryder Cup to Wimbledon, most of the population will be glued to their tellies at some point this summer, likely surrounded by friends and family, enjoying the comradery that only a great match or event brings to the home when watched together.

If you are considering where you might be taking this all in, your living room could of course be satisfactory but why not turn an unused space into your own personal ‘man cave’? In my previous article, I talked about the DIY that was involved to create a separate and totally liveable room in a rather damp and horrible cellar and this is now our room of choice to bunk down when the games are on and where my other half spends hours shooting zombies or enemy space ships.

So what makes for a good man cave? What elements create the best surroundings to watch and play in comfort? Here are just a few things you might want to consider in your own space, no matter who it’s being used by.



I’ll be sharing some more details of the man caves you see here by Cuckoo 4 Design and The Makerista shortly for our continuing series on the perfect man cave so stay tuned for more. What elements would you add to your perfect space? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Image sources: / Cuckoo 4 Design / The Makerista / Swoon Worthy


By Kimberly Duran on 13.06.16

Guest Contributor

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