The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. No longer just the area in which we prepare our daily nourishment, it is now the central hub for family and friends to congregate and if we are a keen cook, the place we will spend much of our time preparing and entertaining.

So making sure our kitchen design is maximised for everything this room will naturally become is both practical and smart. And if we wish to have maximum food storage and prep areas as well as a stylish design, then we need to plan our kitchen design accordingly.


One appliance which has become increasingly popular is the American fridge freezer. Providing ample cold storage for large families or those that entertain often, that extra space within our fridge and freezer can be just what is required to ensure we never ‘lose’ food in the recesses of a smaller fridge again! Whether you choose a side by side or the newest Multi Door models, you will need to have enough room in your design to create a seamless look with the rest of your kitchen.

What considerations are required when planning the location of an American Fridge Freezer?

Helen Parker, Creative Director at deVOL Kitchens has practical advice in terms of planning, “American fridge freezers need careful consideration when incorporating them into a kitchen design as they very often need a lot of area around them in order to ensure the doors open fully (more than 90 degrees) to be able to remove internal shelves for cleaning. Therefore, locating them in the corner of rooms is often not an option.”

“It is also an idea to have the dimensions of your chosen Fridge Freezer before you begin planning any cupboard configurations.”


What’’s the best location for an American Fridge Freezer in a kitchen design? 

Helen goes on to advise, “”Incorporating American fridge freezers into a fitted run of units is often a good solution. These appliances are very deep and when left freestanding can look very bulky in a room. If fitted cupboards are not an option, always try to avoid putting fridges near a main entrance or at the side of a doorway.”

What colour should I choose?

Remember while many of the designs you see include stainless steel appliances, American fridge freezers come in many colours to integrate into your colour scheme. Why not consider a black fridge for a seamless look in a more contemporary or industrial style design? Black kitchens are incredibly popular this year with many interiors going towards dark cosy colour schemes that envelope you and create drama.

On the other end of the spectrum, they are also available in white and cream, fitting in nicely to the popular trend for light, bright kitchens and one which will make your kitchen look bigger and more open. I recently changed all my appliances from stainless steel to white and they blend in so nicely with my white cupboards, giving the whole kitchen an integrated look without the price tag of integrated appliances.

If you really want to have some fun, why not consider a red American Fridge Freezer? A dramatic and eye-catching colour is certainly not for the faint of heart but if you love bold style and colour then you certainly can show off your personality with an unexpected choice.


Anything else to keep in mind?

Another thing to consider is whether or not you will have an ice and water dispenser as part of your fridge. Having cool water and ice literally ‘on tap’ is perfect for summer cocktails and entertaining. However, some dispensers will need to be plumbed into your main water supply so be sure that the location of your fridge includes easy access to your water supply and be sure to include this cost in your planning.

All our appliances on show the exact measurements you’’ll need in your kitchen design planning but if you have any questions, our customer service support can provide any additional information you may need.

We’’ll be talking more about considerations in kitchen designs in future articles but in the meantime, will you be including an American Fridge Freezer in your kitchen planning? Or if you already have one, were there any special considerations you had to face while designing your kitchen? Do let us know in the comments!


Image Credits: deVOL/AO life


By Kimberly Duran on 23.02.15

Guest Contributor

3 responses to “How to Design a Kitchen around an American Fridge Freezer”

  1. Stella morgan says:

    If I’m putting my American fridge freezer in a housing unit do I need to buy one especially for it as you would with other integrated appliances or can I just buy any one?

    • Mahaim Saud Mahaim Saud says:

      Hey Stella, super exciting that you’re thinking of buying a new fridge/freezer. If you contact our sales team on 0344 324 9222 one of our lovely agents will be able to help you with this.

  2. Adam Handley says:

    Hi I’m thinking of fitting a new Kitchen.

    I am looking at getting a Samsung American Fridge/Freezer

    I am hoping to surround the american fridge/freezer with larder units and a bridging unit above.
    (As shown in your pictures)

    However I have been advised by Samsung that I must leave a 10cm gap either side of the fridge, a 10cm gap above the fridge and that the fridge must be 15cm away from the wall at the back. I have also contacted other manufactures and they are giving the same advice.

    What American Fridge/Freezers are you using in your designs?

    Kind Regards


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