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    How To Design Your Kitchen Around An American Fridge Freezer

    The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home and it’s important to make sure it’s both practical and smart. American fridge freezers have plenty of storage for large families, and whether you choose a side by side or a multidoor model, you’ll need to make sure your kitchen fits perfectly with your fresh new appliance.

    Where should my American fridge freezer go?

    Let’s just get the obvious out of the way. American fridge freezers are big. As well as being large, they need a bit of space to make sure the doors can fully open more than 90 degrees. That means corners are a no no. Before you do any planning, you’ll want to jot down the dimensions of the appliance you want before you start to plan any cupboard layouts. They’re usually quite deep, so putting them in a run of some fitted cupboards is always a good idea. Whether you choose a side by side or a Multi Door model, you will need to leave enough room in your design to create a seamless look with the rest of your kitchen.

    What colour should I choose?

    American fridge freezers come in loads of different colours to suit your style, so you’ve got a few options to go for. Black models are modern and go well with dark and cosy colour schemes. White and stainless-steel appliances fit well with light and bright kitchens and help make your kitchen look bigger and more open. For bold styles, you can always go for a pop of colour, to really show off your unique personality.

    Anything else to keep in mind?

    There are a lot of extra options to keep in mind when looking for an American fridge freezer. For example, you can get a water and ice dispenser, perfect for summer cocktails and when you’re entertaining. Some of these may have to be plumbed in though, so be sure to include this in the cost of your kitchen plans.

    Image credits: @frenchforpineapple @firstsenseinteriors

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