Somewhere out in the world, a group of experts are getting together and deciding what you will be buying next year and the year after that. It’s second-guessing what you’re going to be loving before you know yourself. While this may sound like some kind of Orwellian dystopia, really, it’s what trend forecasting is all about and it’s not as scary as it may sound.

Forecasting the trends is a long and complex process, and the international design and colour visionaries at the Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre lead the way in colour innovation by scouring the globe for the latest social and trend developments.

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This year, the paint giants have announced their highly anticipated 2017 Colour Futures and with that, their colour of the year. They’ve chosen Denim Drift – a versatile shade of grey-blue for their defining colour and one that will play a role in our design choices for the coming year.


The overriding theme celebrates a new outlook on the simple things that make life worth living. In an increasingly digital world where real and authentic experiences are becoming more important than ever before, Dulux Trade is reconsidering the foundations of living to unveil the most important trends in 2017.

“2017’s palette is all about balance. This year, we see an interesting contrast between bolder, more striking colours and a selection of muted, lighter shades. The Colour of the Year is Denim Drift, a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on a different characteristic depending on how it’s used, perfectly capturing the mood of the moment and embodying our lives for 2017. The accompanying palette of tonal blue shades creates a truly accessible range that can be easily translated into architecture and interior decorating.”


Louise Tod from the Dulux Global Aesthetics Centre, responsible for delivering Colour Futures trends and concepts to the trade, says: “Blue is known to be the world’s favourite colour, cutting across geographic and cultural boundaries.” With a range of hues that run the gamut of being calming to energising, Denim Drift, has been teamed with a palette of blues for every kind of space.


“There are ten blues within the palette, five of them, including Denim Drift, are muted and atmospheric and the remaining five are cleaner, brighter hues that pack more of a punch. The whole collection has been designed to be used in combination across different elements of an interior from the walls to the furniture, furnishings and accessories.  You can turn the visual impact up with the brighter blues and down with the muted blues to suit the style and use of a room and can be sure that none of them will ever look out of place.”


Denim Drift is such a lovely versatile colour that can be used in virtually any room of the home and combined with the other hues in the palette, can create a bold statement look or something rather quiet and serene. After the influx of the deepest blue tones in our interiors over the last year or two, perhaps it’s time to embrace the softer hues of this classic favourite.

How will you be using Dulux Denim Drift in your home this year?


Image sources: All Dulux


By Kimberly Duran on 03.10.16

Guest Contributor

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