While geometrics in design have been having their moment in the sun, it’s a particular shape that I’’m seeing repeated again and again, in more ways than one. Yes, the humble hexagon may seem an odd thing to consider as a microtrend, but there’’s no doubt that it’’s certainly “buzzing” in interiors at the moment.

Clustered together in a honeycomb, hexagons create a busy but somehow soothing shape, the negatives of the outline create a place for your eye to rest and as it’’s a pattern we see in nature, there is an organic simplicity to it. I think anything that takes nature as it’s inspiration naturally feels more comforting, and I think this is part of the reason the hexagon has so many fans.

As I was writing up this post, I merely had to look up at the wall light hanging in my own office to realise that I’’ve fallen for the trend as well, quite clearly.

Swoon Worthy office

My brass wall light has that organic honeycomb shape repeated throughout and it’’s certainly eye-catching. Everyone who’s come into my office since we remodelled it has commented on it, everyone!

Swoon Worthy bathroom

We also used it in our bathroom remodel, using the tiles as seen above. I fell in love with the shape and searched far and wide to find the perfect hex tiles. Now that they’re becoming a little more sought after, you can find lots of hexagon-shaped tiles at many tile retailers.


I’’m certainly not the first to have chosen the honeycomb shape for my home. We’’re seeing them in penny sizes, patterned in flooring and creatively displayed.


Whether it’’s in a bathroom or kitchen, hexagon tiles are becoming more and more popular and people are using them in increasingly creative ways.

Honeycomb kitchen

But obviously, it’’s not just ceramic tiles where we’’re seeing lots of hex and honeycomb shapes. I adore the use of these mirrored hexagons to create a dramatic backdrop for a contemporary light fitting.

hex mirror tiles

And I can’’t tell you how much I love the vintage furniture pieces seen below at the Hotel Maison in Paris, showing that hexagons are clearly not a new look for interiors.


Of course, if beautiful antique pieces are a bit too dear for you, too, why not consider creating some DIY hexagon shelving instead? While there is a bit of math involved when cutting the angles, it’’s certainly not a difficult way to get some honeycomb joy into your home.

hexagon wall shelves

How have you seen hexagons used in interiors lately? Is this a trend you would have in your own home? I’’d love to hear from you!


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By Kimberly Duran on 01.06.15

Guest Contributor

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