Summer is upon us (even if the weather isn’t quite up to date on that one) and that means that many of us will be looking at giving our home a little bit of a refresh.  Whilst I usually stay on the safe side of seasonal décor and prefer to advise getting some flowers and maybe some new cushions, there’s also something to be said for going all out and actually redecorating. I mean, we all redecorate at some point, so why not right now? And when I’m talking summer florals, well, they’re not really only for summer, right?

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No matter what the season though, when it comes to florals, there are always some pitfalls. Sure, you might really like the 80’s country cottage look, in which case you should feel free to go for a wallpaper covered in thousands of tiny little pastel flowers, but if you like your florals a little more modern, then this might not quite be the right look. The second issue is the price. Whilst there are many, many beautiful floral wallpapers out there that won’t break the bank, the most unusual, striking and individual ones do come with a price tag I’m afraid. It’s then up to you to choose which way to go: you could, for example, go for a really pricey one and only paper one wall, leaving the rest of the room neutral. The effect will be striking without the need to take out a second mortgage.

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The price tag brings me to the next subject: hanging the paper. Unless you really know what you’re doing and/or aren’t afraid to waste some cash if it all goes wrong, it’s advisable to hire a professional. Especially when it comes to expensive papers, it’s worth being on the safe side as they might have different instructions on how to hang them from my own “slap the glue on, smooth the panel to the wall, hope for the best” approach.

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Which room you want to update then of course depends entirely on…well, whichever room needs it or you feel like updating. There are no rules! Thought floral wallpaper doesn’t work in kitchens? Here are some examples how gorgeous it can look. If you’re looking for something feminine, then why not update your dressing room, or bedroom if (like me) you don’t have the luxury of a dressing room.

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In terms of style, you can go romantic with huge blossoms or more jungle-style with added birds, twigs and foliage. You can go pastel-y or very muted, classic William Morris or modern graphic design style.

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There are so many fabulous options out there that I’m sure there’s something for everyone. If you don’t feel like papering walls, then maybe a fab decal is the thing for you.

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And if you’re really still a little timid and unsure, well, why not start with a nicely framed print and take it from there. You know what they say about small acorns, right?

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I hope this inspires you to decorate and freshen up your home for the new season.


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By Carole Poirot on 06.06.16

Guest Contributor

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