Like yin and yang, black and white, when used in interiors create harmony and contrast. It’’s a bold move that yields a strong dynamic scheme and if you love the monochrome look, you’’re going to love my post today.

black and white gallery wall

While I love using colour for my own interiors, I nearly always use a bit of black and white within my designs. White lifts a space, creating an airy quality while black is grounding, giving a design structure. So when you use this limited palette, there is so much drama in the resulting design, it’’s hard not to love the impressive contrast it creates.

black and white dining room

The important thing to remember when creating a fully black and white scheme, is that while you won’’t have to worry too much about creating contrasts within the colour palette, you do need to ensure your design isn’’t too cold. Adding natural textures and materials really brings this look to life.

black and white kitchen

Texture is important in any design scheme, so while you will have contrasts in colour, you might also want to consider bringing in contrasting materials. Glossy with matt, hard with soft, woven with solid. Consider mixing leather with wood, a faux throw with lacquer finishes, a clay vase with a glass table.


While there is simplicity in this palette, there is the promise of a bold, impressive and ultimately strong look. Keep your accessories simple. Natural wood, warm and cool metals and textural accents all create the middle notes needed to balance out the strength of monochromes.

black dining room

My favourite looks include a plethora of natural wood and warm metals. Both materials warm up this look, making it inviting, not just to look at, but to settle in and stay a while.

black and white bedroom

So this palette, while it may look easy, is really more multi-layered than you might think. Simply putting a lot of black and white into a room is probably not enough to really create the drama and intrigue of this strong colour palette. You must look at bringing in the other elements to create harmony and balance between the strength of these two fantastic neutrals.

Is this a look you would create in your own home? Or perhaps you already have done? I’’d love to hear from you in the comments if so!


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By Kimberly Duran on 27.04.15

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