The colour blue has been going strong in the interiors world for the last year or so, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. Personally, I’ve fallen a little in love with it, and so when I kept coming across images where the rich blue of architectural and technical drawings were being used as art, well, I knew I just had to share. I wouldn’t say it was a huge trend right now, but it’’s definitely one to watch!


As much as I hate using gender when describing interiors, until there are better words available to easily convey what is often described as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ design, I’’ll use them grudgingly in my post! As it goes, blue print art adds something unmistakably masculine to a room design.


It gives the space an air of seriousness and an intellectual edge and balances more feminine elements, perfect for a space where two styles may collide.

williams sonoma blueprint art

Blueprint art works especially well in an industrial surrounding. That sort of naked utilitarian statement is perfectly reflected in an urban setting, ripping clean away any frivolities, until all you have is the bare essentials.

apartment therapy blueprint art

But really, it can be used anywhere you want to add a nod to industrial style or a bit of masculinity to a space.

blueprint art



Of course, you don’’t just have to use blueprints. Vintage technical drawings provide that same touch of masculinity to a space. I came across this DIY by Brynne of The Gathered Home, where she downloaded a vintage patent drawing, prepared it for large scale printing and created an amazing piece of art for her home.

Gathered Home

You can read about that process here and here but I’’m sure you’’ll agree that it’’s a spectacular way to display some unusual art.


There are lots of places you can either download vintage technical drawings or blueprints. Brynne also shared a number of resources with free downloadable drawings here or you can do a search and download treasures for a fee in The National Archives. Or you can, of course, buy them new at various art supply stores like

Is this a look you love? Would you frame blueprints as art? I’’d love to hear from you.


Image sources: Reddit / Andrea Brooks Interiors / William Sonoma / Apartment Therapy / Kerrie L Kelly via Houzz / Squadron Posters / The Gathered Home / Squadron Posters


By Kimberly Duran on 01.05.15

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