Dieting. The dreaded word. The idea of counting calories seems unbelievably confusing and also very time consuming for anyone, including me, wishing to lose weight. Before you’’ve even begun monitoring your weight, you first need to know which diet to choose. This is difficult enough.

There’’s a huge level of information online about the easiest and most effective diets to follow and how they can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. Yet medical studies continuously show that the simplest way to lose weight and keep it off, is to carefully keep track of the foods you eat and regularly exercise. Many of us simply just don’’t have the time to do this though.

Help, however, will soon be at hand.

I have some exciting, exclusive news, straight from the product development team at

The innovative team there has developed a new product that could completely change the way the UK diets, and help the nation discover their ideal summer body. is set to launch an exclusive fridge freezer that monitors your food intake and will automatically lock if you reach your recommended guideline daily amount of calories. The new DietMatic American Fridge Freezer uses the latest technology to track foods and work out the nutritional content of each individual item. The technology can even send recommendations for healthier alternatives to things that are currently being stored in the fridge.




The innovative machine links up to wearable technology or an app on your phone and allows every member of the household to control their own personal account and food intake. The electromagnetic lock function will only activate once a person has exceeded their GDA according to the fridge’’s tracking feature. Due to the personalised accounts set up through the wearable and the app, it knows who to lock out.

A spokesperson from the product development team at told me: “We’’re extremely excited to be the first retailer to launch this type of product into the UK market. It’’s a huge step in the right direction for those who need some practical and realistic assistance when following a healthy eating programme.””

“At, we understand how difficult it can be to remain motivated and focused when on a diet. It takes a lot of dedication to continuously calorie count and keep track of the nutritional value in your food. To have an appliance that’s already an integral part of your eating habits, and food storage, monitor this for you and limit your food intake should hopefully make the dieting process a whole lot simpler.

The DietMatic American Fridge Freezer will be available exclusively on the website from mid April 2015. The fridge will be available in a variety of colours and retails from £799.



P.s. Did you guess this was our April Fool’s? Let us know if we fooled you!




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Amy Marsden

By Amy Marsden on 01.04.15

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