It’’s cold outside and the January blues are well and truly setting in. The festivities seem so long ago already, and half term isn’t yet in sight.

For so many of us, January ends up being a bit of a boring month, full of weekends in with very little to do. Purse strings are still tight after Christmas, and the weather just isn’t inviting, so it almost feels safer to just stay indoors.

However, there are plenty of ways to make staying in fun, and I’’m going to talk you through one of my favourites; creating a home cinema. There is something here for every family member, and a bit of effort can make a film night in together feel like an even bigger treat than venturing out to the cinema.

All you’’ll have to do is wait for it to get dark (or even close all the curtains and hole up in the middle of the day!) and then agree on the all-important film….




What films are your family most looking forward to watching together and what characters would you dress up as? Tell us all about it (and don’’t forget to include pictures!).



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Explore our Home Cinema range

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By Amy Marsden on 23.01.15

Guest Contributor

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