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    Crafts: Hanging Lantern

    These cute hanging lanterns add a fun touch in any fabric!

    These pretty fabric lanterns look lovely strung up in a line or clustered together at different heights. If you use a stiff enough fabric you can also place them on a tabletop instead. For this project, they are purely decorative, but if you did want to add light to them, I would suggest battery powered tealights or fairy lights.  Do not use normal candles with these.

    Here's what you'll need...

    • A selection of fabrics
    • Basic sewing kit – scissors, thread etc.
    • Sewing machine
    • Wire
    • Wire cutters

    Here's how it's done... Step 1

    Cut out your fabrics into rectangles – the size is up to you, but it is nice to mix the sizes a little.


    Step 2

    At the top and bottom of your rectangles, make a small fold and press, then fold in again, around a centimetre this time, and press again.


    Step 3

    On your sewing machine, stitch along these hems – this is where your wire will feed through, so should therefore have an open channel running along each edge.


    Step 4

    Fold your rectangle in half, right sides together, lining up your raw edges and pin,

    Stitch the edges together on your machine, leaving the hems at both ends unstitched. Press the hem open.


    Step 5

    Turn your lantern the right way out, and then feed wire through the channels you created at both ends. Cut the wire when it reaches right round – the 2 ends do not need to meet.


    Step 6

    Press open the hem at the each end, and hand stitch. For neatness, you can also put a couple of stitches in the top corners of the hem to attach them to the rim of your lantern.


    Step 7

    Finally, if hanging your lanterns, add 3 lengths of thread from the top edge equal distances apart, and join the 3 threads together to hang.



    I think these would be lovely for a wedding, or hanging over a table at a dinner party. What will you use them for?!

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