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    How To Design A Kitchen For Style

    We probably spend most of our time in the kitchen when we’re at home; it’s the place we cook, eat and socialise with our family and friends. So if you take great pride in your home, you’ll want a kitchen that always looks its best. Our guide will help you design a kitchen that’s as stylish as it is functional.

    Be functional

    A kitchen should always be functional. At the end of the day, you’re going to be using it a lot, so you’ll want a set-up that’ll let you seamlessly work between your cooker, fridge freezer and sink. This is commonly known as the working triangle, and the idea revolves around having your oven & hob, fridge freezer and sink formed in a triangle for the most practical layout.

    Splash of colour

    Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with standout appliances. From striking retro fridge freezers and range cookers to matching toaster and kettle sets, there are plenty of ways you can add a dollop of colour to liven things up with the tech in your kitchen.

    Oven vs Range cooker?

    If you want a sleek modern kitchen, then you should go for a built-in single or double oven, depending on how much cooking space you need. If you are going for a more traditional vibe like a cottage or farmhouse, or just like the look and feel of a traditional kitchen, then a range cooker is a must.

    Buttons vs Touchscreen

    For modern and sleek kitchens, built-in ovens, hobs and fridge freezers with touch screen displays are both stylish and incredibly easy to use. But, if you’re trying to achieve a more traditional style of kitchen, appliances with rustic sword knob controls and classic buttons will fit in more naturally.

    Plan with appliances in mind

    A kitchen isn’t complete without appliances. They’re the main focus at the end of the day. So naturally, appliances should be one of the first things on your mind when planning that renovation.

    A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen

    Cooking is messy, and if you care about how it looks, you’ll want it to be clean all the time. So ideally, you’ll want as many free and clean surfaces as possible for less clutter. With this mind, think about incorporating an ‘appliance garage’. This is where you keep all your small appliances such as toaster, microwaves, blenders etc, and keep them stored and hooked up in the same space.

    Planning the makeover

    Introducing Lucy

    I’m an interior designer and colour consultant. I am very interested in the Biophilic aspect when it comes to working with clients as it can be extremely beneficial for the whole household.

    For the last ten years, I’ve also written an interiors blog called Lucy Gleeson interiors where I chat about DIY, trends and offer inspiration to my readers.

    This year I started a Podcast called Live Your Own Way where I chat with Experts in the field of Design which reaches the Top 5 in the iTunes Art and Design Podcast Charts.

    My family and I live in the Countryside and have a lovely Labrador called Sandy and two cute guinea pigs.

    Doing the work

    Things to be aware of...

    We found the kitchen renovation mostly quite straight forward. The planning, as usual, took longer than the actual manual work. We had a few hiccups along the way including when someone cut the wrong cable which meant we were without our old fridge (which to be fair was on it’s last legs) for a while until we got a new electrician in and AO came to the rescue with a new lovely fridge freezer!

    As interior design is my job I am used to the odd issue arising so didn’t find it stressful but I guess working on your own home, you have the issue of having people in your home everyday until it is finished.

    The reveal

    And finally...

    It has made me realise how much we needed more light in the kitchen now that we have the french doors. It feels like they have always been there. We can go out now in the morning with breakfast and enjoy the fresh air and nature.

    The new appliances have been amazing. I am really impressed with AEG. The dishwasher is really efficient, the fridge freezer is lovely and we really like how it doesn’t get icy like our last one. The hob makes cooking so much more fun and less stressful as it turns itself off if something overflows and it’s great to have the timer on it. Our old oven did it’s job but it’s not until you get a really good one do you realise the benefits. Baking is now so much easier with the special settings and things are being cooked properly each time.

    I think the washing machine is absolutely brilliant - being able to wash jumpers with the Woolmark Apparel Care option is great and the steam option is very useful. Because we have eczema in our family, the soft water technology is a god send! I don’t think I’ve used all the other clever options yet. Possibly this is my favourite appliance but to be honest - I am just really impressed with everything.