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    How To Make Quick & Easy Updates On A Budget

    Everyone wants their dream kitchen, but while you’re chasing it there’s no reason you can’t keep adding to the one you already have. They don’t even need to be big changes, just little things that can keep your kitchen feeling fresh no matter how long you’ve had it.

    We’ve put together 15 ways to update your kitchen without getting the builders in. Give them a try.

    Paint your cupboard doors

    An easy way to bring your kitchen back to life is by changing the colour of the cupboards. Once you’ve found a fresh colour you like, it’s just a matter of sanding, priming and then painting them. It might take a while, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

    Change your appliances to match your kitchen

    To give your kitchen a uniform look, you might want to consider switching out some of your older appliances with new models that match the colour scheme. Whether your oven’s on the way out or your microwave’s waving goodbye, it’s a great opportunity to start bringing your kitchen together. Samsung’s wide range of appliances is a great place to start when you’re on the lookout.

    Change cupboard handles

    Why not go for a simple change? If you don’t care for the cupboard handles you currently have, it’s easy enough to replace them with a new set. You’ll be surprised just how different your kitchen will look once you’re done.

    Back cupboards with bold wallpaper

    Whether you’ve got cupboards or shelving units, you can bring some life to your kitchen by backing them with bold wallpaper. Break up the usual colour scheme and add a design you love to the kitchen.

    Change your light fixtures

    Not loving the lighting in your kitchen? A great way to change the mood is by bringing in some new light fixtures. Whether you want something simple or a bit more abstract, a new fixture will catch your eye every time you walk in the room.

    Use trays to avoid clutter

    If you’ve got a lot of bits and bobs on your kitchen worktops, it’s easy for them to seem cluttered. One way to solve this problem is by gathering your things on to a feature tray. Now it’s not clutter, it’s part of the look.

    Create a hot drinks station

    If you love your hot drinks, why hide it? Get all your coffee beans, tea bags, and mugs together and feature them on your worktop. They won’t look out of place next to a coffee machine or kettle, it’ll save you space in the cupboards, and your kitchen suddenly has a whole new vibe.

    Hang your utensils

    A lot of celebrity chefs do this, so you know it’ll be a good look for your kitchen. Hanging your utensils helps to save space while also adding more texture to your walls. All you need are some hooks to hang them on and you’re all set.

    Label and display your dry goods

    Organising your kitchen can be both practical and personal. Get rid of branded packaging and swap it out for clear clip top jars. Fill them up and label them so they can be put on show, while also making it easier to see when you need to restock.

    Create a green herb garden

    If you’ve got a green thumb and like to use herbs when you’re cooking, why not grow your own? Just find the seeds for what you want to grow and plant them in manageable pots. So, whether it’s basil, mint or others, you can have easy access to herbs and a miniature garden on your windowsill.

    Add warmth with wood accessories

    A little bit of wood will create some contrast in your kitchen. Whether you’re displaying a large chopping board or adding some wooden blinds to the windows, your kitchen will feel homey and warm every time you step into it.

    Display fruit on a cake stand

    Fruit bowl? Boring. You can make your fruit stand out by placing it on a cake stand. It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but it elevates your colourful fruits and makes them work as a feature in the kitchen.

    Hang your mugs on under-cupboard rails

    Don’t hide your favourite mugs away in the cupboards, put them on display. By using a wall rail or S hooks, you can hang all your mugs out in the open to add a personal touch to the kitchen. Plus, it’s a lot easier to find your faves when you want a cuppa.

    Display your favourite plates

    If your feel your kitchen’s a bit bland, take advantage of space on shelves to display plates with bold designs. Whether you use a plate stand or just took them behind other things on the shelf, they’re perfect for showcasing.

    Replace your flooring

    One of the more ambitious jobs; replacing your flooring can be tough but effective. If your current flooring is looking worn, broken or outdated, there’s all the more reason to find a new pattern, style and colour to give the kitchen a completely new look.

    There’s so many things you can do to update your kitchen, we just wanted to give you some options. What plans have you got for you kitchen now?