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    How To Plan Your Kitchen Lighting

    It’s easy to overlook how your kitchen is lit when you’re planning a redesign. If you’re tired of cooking in your own shadow, it’s time to give your lighting an overhaul. This guide is here to give you a breakdown of different ways you can brighten up the heart of your home.

    Task lighting

    These are super helpful as you prepare and cook food, located over worktops, sinks and hobs, and they’re around three times brighter than general lighting. They can either be fitted to the underside of any cabinets or shelving or you can install spotlights in the ceiling and point them towards the wall, so the light reflects and falls in front of you.

    Appliance lighting

    A lot of extractor fans have lights that are really useful while you’re cooking. We’ve got a whole host of different models to suit any kind of kitchen, from ceiling and chimney hoods that sit above your hob, to downdraft ones that actually stay hidden in your worktop until it’s time to spring into action.

    Overhead lighting

    Neat little spotlights are a popular way to light up a kitchen but try to think about the best way to organise them. Instead of a grid pattern, you can use them focus on certain areas of the room, like to highlight an island or bring focus to your range cooker. And for a bit of extra oomph, think about putting some lights at the top of your cabinets. They give a subtle glow to your ceiling, so you can even reduce the number of lights you need in total.

    Internal lighting

    We all know the fridge lights help you see what food you’ve got when it’s 3am and you’re on the hunt for a snack. (Just us?) But you can also fit some lighting inside your cabinets as well. Not only does it show off your shiny pots and pans, but it’s great for finding where you put that cheese grater.

    Decorative lights

    A mix of practical and pretty, these kinds of lights come in many shapes and sizes to fit with your colour scheme or style. They’re great for defining different zones of your kitchen, such as over a dining area or breakfast bar, but may need a bit of help from a spotlight either side.

    Mood lighting

    If you want to jazz up your kitchen a little bit, colourful light strips are a perfect option. You can set them across the bottom of your kitchen cabinets or around a dropped ceiling to set the mood while you’re cooking or having friends over. We’ve even got products that let you switch the colour from your phone, so it’s never been easier to get a splash of colour in your kitchen.

    Top lighting tips

    It’s really important to plan your lighting at the start of the design, so you can think about where the wiring will go. Our range of smart lighting of smart lighting also comes in different colour temperatures, so you can buy ones that suit your needs. Cool lights make it look more like natural daylight, while warm yellowy lights are great for creating a comfy cosy feel.

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