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    DIY: Quilter Potholder

    This simple potholder will brighten up any kitchen!

    "Brighten up your kitchen with some pretty spring time florals by whipping up this cute little potholder. If you’ve never tried quilting or used bias binding before, then this is a small project to get some practice."

    Here's what you'll need...

    • Floral or patterned fabric
    • Wadding (ideally heat resistant)
    • Bias binding
    • Ruler & pencil
    • Basic sewing kit including scissors and pins
    • Sewing machine

    Here's how it's done... Step 1

    Cut 2 pieces of floral fabric and one piece of wadding to approx 20x25cm

    Take one piece of your floral fabric, and on the right side, use your ruler and pencil to draw a diagonal grid with 3cm gaps between the lines.

    Place the other piece of floral fabric right side down on the table, lay your wadding on top of this and finally your fabric with the grid on top, right side facing up. Pin these 3 layers together. Tack if you wish.

    On your sewing machine, stitch along the gird lines you’ve drawn.

    Once complete, trim nice and straight and round off the edges. I used a round pin tin to draw guides for the curves.

    Sew a zig zag stitch the whole way round the perimeter of the 3 layers.


    Step 2

    Unfold your bias binding, and pin one edge around the perimeter on the fabric. (You may have a different technique for attaching bias binding, but this is how I did it) Again tack if you wish.

    Stitch right around, as close to edge as possible, taking care on the curved corners. You might find it helps to press the binding with an iron before you start sewing.

    Once the binding is attached on that side, you can fold it around to the other side. Where your binding ends meet you can make a few stitches to join them together. Again, it will help to press the binding to get it to sit smoothly around the corners.

    Top stitch the whole way around the inside edge of the binding to secure and finish.

    Finally, take a leftover piece of binding approx. 8cm long, fold it in half lengthways and stitch along the edge to close up the fold. Then make it into a loop and hand stitch to one corner of your potholder.



    Personally I will probably just hang this up in the kitchen instead of using it! Much too pretty to get dirty! Let us know if you give it a go!

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