Start a lovely Christmas tradition with your little family by putting together this extra special treat to give to your children on Christmas Eve. It’s sure to send them off to bed, to dream of Santa, and the exciting day ahead.

I chose a wooden box, which will last for many Christmases, and have decorated it with the children’s names. I printed the message out, and turned it into a stencil, by cutting around the letters with a craft knife. Then I used a sponge with a very small amount of acrylic paint, to stipple the letters onto the box. You could also use a wrapped shoebox or gift bag.

Inside the box, for an after dinner treat, I’ve added hot chocolate and marshmallows. I wrapped these in a sweet cone and decorated it to look like a reindeer with some supplies from our craft table. I also wrapped a mince pie in tissue and Christmas ribbon.


To ensure Santa and his reindeer find our house in the dark, I’ve added a packet of sparkly reindeer food. I’ve made this using a handful of porridge oats and some glitter, and have presented it in the same way as the hot chocolate. I’ve also included a Christmas cd from our favourite toddler group, and a Santa stop here sign, just to be sure!


To help the children snuggle down and dream of Santa, we’ve bought some soft warm pyjamas and a lovely bedtime story. I’ve wrapped ours in brown parcel paper and Christmas parcel string. We also like to buy a new tree decoration each year, for the  children to hang on the tree before bed.


Pop all your gifts in the box, and you’re all set to start your Christmas Eve bedtime tradition. We started ours last year and we all really loved it. It’s a lovely way to mark the start of the festive period. Felix and Minnie went to bed excited for the day ahead, but relaxed and snug in their warm pyjamas…zzz

Merry Christmas.



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By Claire Dearing on 15.12.16

Guest Contributor

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