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    Tried and Tested: Can a Haier Washing Machines Maintain the Quality of Your Children’s Clothes?

    We challenged Megan from @lifewithanextrachromosome_ to put her Haier washing machine to the test and see if they really can look after her kids’ clothes and make them last longer.

    As a mum of three, my washing pile was always overflowing, even though I seemed to spend 95% of my life filling up the washing machine. The problem was that I couldn’t do enough washing at once to make a dent in the ever-growing pile. On top of this, the constant washing really wasn’t helping the little one’s clothes, as I was starting to notice the quality was getting worse.

    My old washing machine was so loud that it would often seem like the house was vibrating, meaning I could only ever do washing while the kids were at school. So, when I heard about the Haier washing machines, I was eager to see how it’s features could help manage my family’s high washing demand and keep my kids’ clothes healthy.

     It seemed impossible, but I was willing to give it a go…

    What I love about the Haier washing machine is that I can wash any time of the day (even when the kids are in bed) as it’s super quiet thanks to the Direct Motion motor. This was one of my favourite features and the main reason I wanted to try it out.

    Another favourite feature was the steam function. Ironing really is my pet hate. So, the fact I could steam the clothes while they’re washing to help save on ironing time was a win-win. I haven’t even mentioned the massive 10kg drum, but it helped cut down on the washing and gave me less to worry about and more time with the kids.

    I decided to do a little test on the machine to see if washing a brand-new children’s t-shirt for 5 straight days affected the condition of it. I also used the steam function on the third day just to see how good it actually was (spoiler: it was very good). 

    Day 1 – This was after the t-shirt had been washed for the first time. Although it came out a little creased, the motif was still in place and it was in as good a condition as when I first took the tags off.

    Day 2 – Same again. Still a little creased, but the motif is still 100% intact – which I was really impressed with.

    Day 3 – It’s test the steam day! I used the steam function on this day and there wasn’t a crease in sight. Meaning it didn’t need ironing at all. Absolute game changer. I couldn’t wait to get my bedding in a on steam wash after this.

    Day 4 – I went back to the normal wash function here and just like day 1 and 2, there were a few creases, but the top was still in amazing condition.

    Day 5 – The last test day! Overall, I was very pleased with this. The t-shirt was still in a brand-new condition after 5 days of washing. It was amazing.

    The steam function has made all the difference in this house. With three uniforms to wash daily and then get ready for the next morning, I really don’t have the time for ironing, so this has benefited me massively. 

    The washing process used to be never-ending, but now it’s just a case of going for a steam wash, and then once the clothes are dry, they’re ready to wear again.

    As if the steam function wasn’t enough, this machine also has Haier’s amazing Anti-Bacterial Treatment. It’s a special coating around the detergent draw and door seal to stop the build-up of mould and bacteria. It’s a great feature to have as now I know that there’s nothing lingering in the washing machine that might get on to my kids’ clothes.

    It removes up to 99.8% of bacteria, so it really is an amazing extra.

    I touched briefly on the noise my old machine made, but it’s a completely different story with Haier thanks to the Direct Motion Motor. It’s almost silent, to the point that I’ve often physically gotten up to check it’s still on because I can never hear it.

    Washing used to be done between the hours of 9am when the kids went to school and 6pm when they went to bed, as the old machine was far too loud and disruptive to use at any other time, but now I can do washing whenever I want and not worry about it disturbing anyone.

    On top of all the amazing features I’ve already mentioned, the 10kg drum means I find myself doing fewer loads, as the drum is so big that I can fit more into every wash.

    This saves me lots of time and I know it’ll save me plenty of money in the long run too.

    I’ve been saving the best for last – the 15-minute wash. I like to wash everything properly, but if your kids are anything like mine, they have at least 10 outfit changes a day.

    My kids can change their pjs that many times in a day, they only end up having them on for 30 minutes at a time, but once they’ve been worn I don’t like to put them back into the wardrobe, so instead I pop them on for a 15 minute wash. I do the same with fancy dresses they’ve been playing dress up in, it just helps to freshen them up before they go back into the wardrobe.

    Overall, I would 1000% recommend this washing machine to anyone looking for a new one. I love it so much; I’m thinking of getting another one to fit into the spare gap in the utility room.

    I just love all the features, I love how it looks, I love the touch screen, I love the size, and I even love the little light inside the drum.

    It’s a 10/10 from me.

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @lifewithanextrachromosome_'s honest opinion.

    Images supplied by @lifewithanextrachromosome_