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    Tried and Tested: Can a Hoover H-Wash conquer the laundry pile in one go?

    The daunting laundry heap can often feel like an endless task, especially if you’re trying to balance a hectic family life on the side. We challenged the busy mum of two, @beetrootandblack, to test out the Hoover H-Wash 500, and to find out if a larger drum really does save you time in the long run. Grab yourself a cuppa and find out what she had to say…

    As a family of four (two of which are small children), you can imagine the amount of washing that gets done. I would say that on a good day we get through two loads, and on a bad day it’s more like four. I’m forever separating colours and fabrics, and sadly, a 7kg washing machine doesn’t get you very far…especially if you’re in a hurry. That’s why I was keen to try out the Hoover H-Wash, and after reading tonnes of reviews and descriptions, it sounded like the washing machine I had been looking for. With its 11kg capacity, a quick wash and the ability to clean mixed loads, it sounded perfect.

    Run us through the first challenge - how many sets of bedding were you able to wash at once?

    Because we have a super-king-sized bed, I usually have to put the duvet cover and pillow cases into one load, and the sheet and mattress protector into the next, to avoid over-loading. This time I could get the full set in together! I was really surprised by this, and I was even able to get my hand in with room to spare. This is a huge tick for me, so there’s one example of me cutting my wash load in half already.

    Now for the second challenge - how many t-shirts could you fit in at one time, and which wash setting did you use?

    After emptying two full baskets and sorting through my t-shirts, there was still half a drum’s worth of space left over, so I chucked in a few jumpers for good measure. There was easily enough room for 12 t-shirts and 4 cotton sweaters. I used the ‘Total Care’ setting, which was great for mixing colours and fabrics.

    And finally… challenge number 3! How many towels could you fit in, and which wash setting did you use?

    For this one, I chose to really test the drum’s capacity and wash all of my huge bath towels (this is the one I usually dread). I find that if I over-load the drum, the towels aren’t thoroughly cleaned, so I tend to separate them into 2 loads. With this model, I was definitely hopeful that I’d get at least 4 bath towels in, but I got 5 in! I used the ‘Total Care’ setting, because it’s good for mixing colours and it uses a 30 degree temperature. I was very impressed with this, and again, it cut my wash time in half.

    Have you seen a difference in the amount of washing you do?

    The main issue for me is the volume of washing that I need to get through, and the time it was taking me to do it. Thankfully, the large capacity on this model has literally cut it down by half. I’m able to fit more in each load, and because I can mix colours using the ‘total care’ cycle, I don’t have to spend time sorting through piles either.

    Any other thoughts on the washing machine?

    Overall, a massive thumbs up from me! I feel like the Hoover H-Wash saves me a lot of time, and washes all my clothes with care.

    @beetrootandblack is using the Hoover H-Wash 500

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @beetrootandblack, and has been written up by our copywriter.