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    Tried and Tested: Can Your Oven Really Clean Itself So You Don’t Have To?

    Can an oven really clean itself? We challenge Felicity of @taste_felicity to put Hotpoint’s Pyrolytic function to the test!

    Deep cleaning your kitchen can be (dare I say it) therapeutic at times, but there’s always been one job I’ve never took a liking to… Cleaning out the oven.

    Like most people, we use our oven several times a day. Prior to my Hotpoint SI6874SPIX, I owned an older model. Although the modern style of the oven had drawn me in – especially the handy digital touchpad - it was the Pyrolytic feature that sealed the deal. An oven that self-cleans? Count me in!

    As an avid foodie, I’m constantly testing out new recipes which often creates chaos in the kitchen, and over time, a mess in the oven. What better way to put the Pyrolytic function to the test than to spend the weekend cooking some of my favourite (and very messy) dishes before treating the oven to a well-deserved clean.

    I kickstarted my Thursday evening with a delicious and succulent chicken, rotisserie style of course! It was absolutely delicious but definitely created quite a bit of mess in the oven with the cocktail of seasonings, oils and grease!

    On Friday, I got my bake on with some cinnamon and raison swirls, a personal favourite of mine. The oven’s Multiflow technology thoroughly baked my goods evenly preventing any soggy bottoms! This encouraged me to carry my baking bug to the next day.

    I made a coffee and walnut cake to compliment a Saturday afternoon brew. Like with the oven, this was the first time I ever tried this recipe and definitely won’t be the last!

    Finally, on Sunday, I finished the week on a high and really put the oven through its paces by cooking a classic beef Sunday dinner, with all the trimmings!

    By the end of the week, my oven wasn’t so fresh and clean anymore – I was actually surprised by the build up of grease and food residue over the past few days!

    Time to test the cleaning! I started by removing all the shelves out of the oven; I personally feel that the Pyrolytic function would’ve been almost perfect if you were able to leave the shelves in while the oven works its magic but I washed these separately in the sink as per the instructions. Next, I selected Pyrolytic Mode and the door automatically locked, keeping safety front of mind.

    The oven then heats up to 500 degrees to burn away all the residue. Once the process is done and the oven has cooled down, all you’re left to do is wipe away the remaining ash! Not only will I save loads of money on sometimes harmful cleaning products, but it also saves me tons of time that I can now dedicate to doing more of the things I love!

    Overall, the Hotpoint SI6874SPIX is a great piece of technology! The Pyrolytic function is a great addition and was definitely worth the upgrade. Not only will I save loads of money on (sometimes harmful) cleaning products, but I also have more time doing more of the things I love! I’m really excited to test out the array of settings in more detail and how they help me with my cooking journey!

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @taste_felicity's honest opinion.

    Images supplied by @taste_felicity