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    Spring Cleaning - Top Cleaning Tips For Dishwashers

    If you thought dishwashers could only wash dishes, then boy are you wrong! Here are 5 life-changing dishwasher hacks...

    If you thought dishwashers could only wash dishes, then boy are you wrong! Here are 5 dishwasher hacks that will shock and impress you from cooking salmon to even cleaning your keyboard…

    Clean toys

    The easiest way to sterilise plastic toys? You guessed it, put them all in the dishwasher. You can use a lingerie bag or a colander to stop small toys falling off the racks. Make sure you use the lowest temperature and allow them to dry naturally.

    Rinse your veggies

    Save time when preparing a big dinner by using your dishwasher to rinse all the veggies. Running them through a rinse-only cycle will give you extra time to get on with the more important jobs. Just make sure you don’t put any dishwasher tablets in with them!

    Clean your shoes

    If your trainers are turning a mucky brown colour, revitalise them by cleaning them in your dishwasher. Remove the laces and place them in the top rack with a sprinkling of baking soda to make them squeaky clean.

    Cook a salmon fillet and keep food warm

    Have you ever tried and failed to perfectly cook a salmon at home? The secret is to wrap your salmon fillet in foil with a couple of lemon slices, making sure it is air tight. Next, switch your dishwasher on at the highest setting. As dishwashers do not generally go over the 170 degrees Celsius mark, you’ll never have to worry about overcooking it again.

    Tip: That’s not all; if your dishwasher has a ‘no water setting’ you can also use it to keep food warm.

    Wash garden tools

    Cleaning your gardening tools can be such a chore especially with all the caked on mud that is so hard to remove. Place the tools in the dishwasher and you will have them sparkling in no time.

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