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    Tried and Tested: Does a quick wash actually do a good job?

    We’re all big fans of a quick wash if we’re sprucing up the odd blouse or baby bib, but what about when we need to get through a huge pile of them? If you’re anything like us, you probably just go for your trusty cycle that takes 3 hours (snooze). We challenged @meggan_tile to break her normal laundry routine and test out Bosch’s SpeedPerfect setting on different washes, to find out if a shorter cycle can hack a full load.

    As a busy mum of two small children, my washing machine gets a lot of use, as you can probably imagine. I use it twice a day, and I need my laundry to be dried and put away before I can head to bed. If this doesn’t happen, I end up having to crawl over a mountain of washing before I can climb under the covers. It can take up a big chunk of my day, so I’m excited to see if this can cut it down.

    The SpeedPerfect feature takes a normal wash programme and adjusts the settings to make it up to 65% faster*. This is ideal if you’re washing school uniforms for example, because you’ll get the same great results that you would with a full cycle, just quicker.

     What did you think of SpeedPerfect? Did it do a good job?

    It did exactly what it said it would do on the tin. It really surprised me, because each time it washed and spun my clothes faster than the time it took to bath the kids. In fact, it was even faster than the time it took to tidy Ivy’s bedroom. It gave unbelievable results, and every baby grow came out completely stain-free - I never need to use another setting again.

    Do you think you’ll use the SpeedPerfect setting in the future?

    Try stopping me. This washing machine has changed my day-to-day routine so much, I now can’t imagine life without it.

    We also asked you to race the washing machine! How did it go, and did you manage to beat it?

    Each time I tried to race it, I lost. I thought the kid’s bedtime was my best chance, because I’m a pro and I’ve finally got it sussed (or so I thought, anyway). Turns out, the washing machine is the only pro around here. I picked the 30 minute option because I thought it couldn’t possibly deliver clean washing that fast, but it did.

    The second time I tried, I tried it with Ivy’s baby grows. I popped them in the drum, pressed go and went upstairs to get the kids ready for bed and read them a story. Before we’d even finished The Gruffalo’s Child, the washing machine was beeping away to tell me it was done. It got rid of all the Bolognese stains too, so that definitely says something.

    My final attempt was whilst I was prepping the lunch boxes. I chose the 15 minute option and threw in the breakfast-covered PJs. By the time I’d finished making a cup of tea, there it was beeping again. And then, yet another crispy clean baby grow came out.

    Any other thoughts on the machine?

    Overall, it’s just a great machine with some really clever features. I’ve linked it to my Amazon Alexa, so now I can turn it on using my voice, and I feel like I’m winning at motherhood because at least one person in the house listens to me. My partner loved how quiet it was too, and he really enjoys that he can now play his Xbox without having to close all the doors (typical).

    Finally, the i-DOS function is fantastic, as it automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent depending on the load and how dirty your clothes are, so you can be sure you're providing the best clean and care for your clothes - clever huh?

    @meggan_tile is using the Bosch Serie 6 i-DOS

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @meggan_tile, and has been written up by our copywriter.

    *On selected programmes using the SpeedPerfect option.